Plus Size Swimwear

As the temperature begins to rise  the pool will quickly become the place to be.  Whether you actually get in or just plan to look fine on the sidelines, that swimsuit needs to be on fleek.  Keeping all budgets in mind I’ve found some hot looks that will kill summer 2k15.  Curvy girls I guarantee…


Treat Yo’self: Summer 2k15

Summa summa summa-time!!!! Schools are closing, pools are opening, flowers are blooming, and the possibilities are endless.  While I know many of you still have full time responsibilities to tend to, you should never be too busy to check out and have some fun.  With jobs, internships, families, etc. falling into a routine rut is…


This Week on Insta

  Breezy and this beautiful baby Jlo forever killing the game Scandal finale Raven Symone’s beauty team are the real MVPs Hurt meh hurt meh!!! This goddess is marrying Young Thug -____- Babez of Instagram #Upfront2015 #WCE This love <3 Facebook || Instagram || Twitter 


Links We Love

New week, new links – LET’S GET INTO IT!  Get your LIFE with these chic streets looks. Essence Mag captured tons of ladies sporting their summertime trends! (via essence.com) The beauty trend of the summer: ombre lips.  Check out Glamour’s newest beauty pick to perfect this look. Festival season – here we come! (via glamour.com)…


Best Season of Scandal Yet, And Here’s Why

There are mixed reviews about this season of Scandal, but one thing can be agreed on: SHONDA. WENT. THERE. She tackled issues of slut-shaming in the media, POW truama and women in Congress and the military. She introduced us to a bevy of characters, all with their own agendas. The TGIT writers were working overtime when…


Simple Hacks: Makeup + Glasses

This is a special for all my fellow four-eyed ladies out there! If you’re like me, you DREAD doing your makeup when you’re wearing glasses (I wear contacts, too). It’s not only the process of putting on makeup without being able to see; there’s also the matter of getting makeup on your glasses over the…


Trend Alert: Ballerina

Flats, buns, leotards, tutus – this summer is the year of the ballerina. Taking a style que from the likes of Misty Copeland, I’ve picked my favorite ballerina trends, and the best place to get them! First, here’s one of my recent takes from the #ballerina trend. You may remember this from a previous #OOTD about…