Taste Testing.

CHRISTMAS DRINKS. They keep you cheery during the holidays, even when you’re family may not. My mother’s pomegranate mimosas (a Christmas morning tradition) and my curiosity to try new things inspired this post. After a few unforced recipe experiments, I’ve come up with a few of my favorite to take you into 2014. I can only wish these drinks you bring as much cheer as they bring me, dolls.

Adam ‘N Eve (Deliciiiiious!) 14390 

2 measures Triple Sec
1 measure Vodka
1 measure grapefruit juice
1 measure cranberry juice
5-6 cubes of pineapple
2 tsp sugar
Crushed Ice
Strawberry (to decorate)

Jack Frost (If nothing else, it’s one festive looking drink)


3/4 measure blue Curacao (chilled)
1 measure Tequila (chilled)
2 measures cream (chilled)
1/2 cup crushed ice

Cosmopolitan (Because, it’s a classic you can never ignore)

2 measures Vodka
1 measure Triple Sec
1 measure fresh lime juice
1 measure cranberry juice
Orange peel (decoration)

Angelic (For those who play between the naughty & nice list)


1 measure vodka
1/2 measure Galliano
1/2 measure Southern Comfort
Dash of egg white
Orange or Pineapple
Juice (preferred taste)

xoxo- Coco 

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