Cross Contamination

Check out our favorite, local music group on the rise in Memphis.


Cross Contamination- Nashville TN- Tiff and Coco

Being an artist of any kind can be a challenging task.  Finding the time to work on your craft while working to keep a roof over your head is daunting and stressful to say the least.  Once you have found the time to create something you love the next feat is putting your work out there and getting enough support to get noticed.  All your favorite musicians started here.  From Jay, to Gotti, to Kodak; they all started in their city making noise that people couldn’t deny.

Hometown support can be the hardest to obtain, but often times it’s the boost artists need to make it out and put their city on the map.  Now I’m not a Memphis native, but I am a firm believe of supporting local art.  I may not be from his city but Greg and I, one half of Cross Contamination’s lyrical genius, shared a city for a few years during college so that counts in my book.

Cross Contamination is hands down one of the dopest mixtapes of the summer.  It came right on time as hip hop lovers (especially me) were wanting something different, and delivered everything a good mixtape should have.

Lyrics (Flow Session 4 + Do it Right)

Summer jams you can ride to (Proper Introduction +The Code)

Slow jams/vibe jams (Queen of Sheba)

Classic samples (WTYF +Zucchini)

What I love most about this mixtape is the thought that was put in to it. G and D share a lot of personal experiences sprinkled in with empowering motifs and passionate rhetoric.  Cross Contamination goes beyond radio records to show that good music doesn’t have to include drugs, female dogs, guns, and gangs.  It’s intelligent, it’s well put together, and it’s definitely worth you taking a listen. The mixtape can be found on sound cloud along with the single Boom!

Show the homie some love and give his music the much deserved ear time.

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