11 Must See Netflix Series

netflix-2016Shall we rejoice in the Christmas miracle that is Netflix? Gone are the days of praying for a decent Wifi connection at Granny’s so you can properly unplug from family politics. If you haven’t heard by now, Netflix introduced a ‘Download and Go’ feature to mobile apps. We don’t know about you all, but this is sweet Christmas music to our ears. Outside of dodging annoying family members, this feature allows for access on road trips, parties, and more Wifi-absent places. Netflix is one streaming site that, time and time again, proves its worth more than the 10.99$ I pay. (Shh, don’t spread that around because I would raise hell if I had to pay more).

So with this news, it’s time to get your Netflix affairs in order. The content on Netflix is only getting better and better, with a new series premiering constantly. We’ve sought through the titles to give you the best of what’s on Netflix; some are personal favorites, some are just truly worth your time. 

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is hilarious. It is a British show about 20 something-year-old Tracy who is still a virgin. Throughout the show, Tracy is trying to make her sexual breakthrough. She goes through some of the funniest mishaps trying to figure out how to be sexy, adventurous, and experienced. She and her friends are total goofs,  all trying to get by the best way they know how. Watch Chewing Gum and you’ll get a front row seat for every awkward moment of learning about sex, falling in love, and losing your virginity in your 20s. (Tiff)

The Get Down

I legit wish my life was the get down. Set in late ’70s New York, Books and his buddies somehow find themselves right in the middle of a cultural revolution. Disco is slowing fading out and hip hop deejays are breaking ground all across the hood.  The Get Down is beautifully shot and written, and really gives the feel of what it was like in New York at that time. One of my favorite things is the development of the characters and finding out who everyone really is on the inside. I was hooked on this one and was cut not realizing I had reached the final episode. (Tiff)


If you’re in the mood for something truly hilarious and real, start binge watching this one immediately. Shameless has a supporting cast as magnificent as its main cast. Shameless is as accurate as you can get when talking about a family dealing with a dad who struggles with addiction. (Coco) 

Luke Cage

Luke cage is a Marvel comic book series that was adapted for Netflix. He is a super strong, indestructible ‘super hero’ trying to remain low key in heart of Harlem. What I love about this show is how ethnic it is. Like the get down it features a cast of mainly black and Latino actors. The second thing I love is the quality of the acting. Both the lead and supporting cast did a great job of weaving real life and emotion into this fictional story. Corruption, epic fight scenes, love- Luke Cage had it all. (Tiff)

A Year In The Life

If you want your childhood to slap you square in the face, binge this. All 4 episodes are Star Hallows approved for wit, banter, and intelligent humor. Between the cluster fuck that is Rory’s life and the weird not-so-mid-life crisis Lorelai’s dealing with, the show touches on every heart string it pulled before.  (Coco) 


Not huge fans of her show, we never thought to tune into her new Netflix talk show.  We previously discussed the enjoyment of her 4 episode special, Chelsea Does. It seems as though she’s using that steam and direction to steer her new show. No longer is she dishing on the dating lives of celebrities, she’s now tackling real issues concerning real people. During the election, she invited a slew of politicians and outspoken public figures with ranging political opinions to sit and discuss with each other. In a divisive world, this is a nice breath of fresh air. Of course, she’s putting her Chelsea spin to each and every topic. There’s something about that spin that allows her guest to feel at home in her studio, therefore getting very candid and passionate responses. (Coco) 

Sense 8

Sense 8 is super dope. It’s about 8 people in completely different parts of the world who somehow are connected. They are all dealing with different life struggles that the people in their lives just can’t seem to understand, but somehow they each manage to support and help each other. My favorite thing about Sense 8 is that it gives you a glimpse of people of different nationalities, ages, cultures, and genders and religions. All of these characters are very developed in their own right but have to work together for a common story/goal. This show is part sci-fi, part romcom, part drama, and of course, there’s a bad guy and a ton of suspense. (Tiff)

Black Mirror

This show is super weird and trippy. It is the modern day Twilight Zone. I’ve never been so intrigued and confused by a show EVER. Each episode is very different, but there are quite a few common themes, technology being a major one. It’s both scary and interesting where we could end up if technology, social media, etc. continue to grow like they have been. Black Mirror explores every inch of that. (Tiff)

The Crown

 In a word: brilliant. The 10 episode drama has taken viewers by storm due to its perceived very raw, real, and most times dirty depiction of the English monarchy.  As a fan of history, it’s enjoyable to see historic and cultural events weaved in so seamlessly. The series doesn’t just focus on Elizabeth, either. In true Netflix fashion, it does an incredible job of painting a 360 picture of 1930’s England and the cultural significance of their current Queen’s reign. You find out how much of a rule-breaker Elizabeth yearned to be in her early days. The show even gets caught up in the love affair that never was, Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend. It even jumps across the pond to give a bit of insight into the ultimate love affair of Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson. (Coco) 

Stranger Things

When a little boy goes missing in his hometown and everyone gives up on finding him, it’s up to his friends to find out the truth. Think X-Files meets Poltergeist (and I’m talking the 1982 film. Ya know “come to the light Carol Anne”).  It has all the things you didn’t know you wanted in a show and the acting is super solid. My favorite thing about this show is that it possesses all the childlike qualities of its main characters humor, passion, nervousness, etc. without being childish. (Tiff)


Gus, a people pleasing push over and Mickey, a selfish drug addict are an unlikely couple. After Gus’ girlfriend cheats on him, he moves out to start over. In his new hipster apartment complex, he meets Mickey and the two begin the weirdest, hot mess of a relationship. The show is funny, cute, and at times cringe-worthy. (Tiff)



  1. December 8, 2016 / 12:33 am

    LOVED Luke Cage and The Get Down – I might have to check into a couple of these other ones listed.

    • December 10, 2016 / 11:21 am

      Yes! Let us know if you check them out! 🙂

  2. December 13, 2016 / 1:01 am

    Yay, someone that enjoyed Sense8 as much as I did! We could totally be Netflix friends, I’ve either seen these or they’re on my list to watch. Much like y’all I wasn’t a big fan of Chelsea’s talk show and never bothered to watch on Netflix, but the special and new show sounds interesting. I may have to add that to the list.

    • December 13, 2016 / 7:38 pm

      We’re glad we aren’t alone! And yes, please watch and let us know what you think! Yay, we love giving new suggestions 🙂

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