12 Memorable Couple’s Halloween Costume Ideas

No better way to celebrate Halloween with bae than killing it at a party in a super bomb couple’s costume. From real-life couples to some of our favorite fictional flings we’ve created a list of memorable couple’s costumes for you and bae to try this year.

Patty + Doug

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“Pattyyoure the mayonnaise for me…” This is hands down one of the most memorable relationships of our childhood. Waiting for Doug to finally make a move on Patty made us more anxious than a multiplication test. This couple’s costume will definitely be a nostalgic conversation starter.

Jlo + JaRule

JLo made quite a few questionable fashion choices in her youth, but this one we appreciated hardcore. She looks like a 2000s dream in this two-piece velour shorts set. And Ja with the sweatband on, MAN! Make sure yal watch the vide a few times and practice their little hop dance. A performance will definitely have to happen on Halloween night.

11 + Mike

Though they’re a new age couple these two captured our hearts like our long-time faves. Though Mike’s look is pretty plain (all of this I’m sure you can find at Walmart) 11 gives you a more notably look that people will get instantly. Don’t forget your Ego Waffles.

Piper + Alex

Girlfriend goals took new form in Piper and Alex. Nothing says forever love like matching khaki outfits and an activity room wedding. Do it big with your boo on furlough. Bonus points if you make the id badges.

Craig + Debbie

If you don’t know who these two are,  then stop reading right now and go watch Friday. You’re not allowed to say “bye Felicia” ever again until you do. Craig loved him some Debbie and even defended her honor against Debo’s big ass. This one will definitely bring on the movie quotes so make sure you’re prepared.

Ash + Misty

If you wanna be the very best this is the couples’ fit for you and your quirky bae. Pokemon fandom hasn’t remained this strong solely on the cuteness of Pickachu alone. We have thrived on this should it- shouldn’t it relationship between Ash + Misty. Make it happen for our childhood hearts.

Nelly + Kelly

I don’t think anyone wanted this relationship to happen more than us. Nelly WAS the early 2000s (fight us) and seeing him with fine ass Kelly Rowland has everything!!! Luckily it didn’t happen because Nelly turned out to be a fck boy, but you can still relive this magical moment.

Hilary + Trevor

You might have to dust off people’s memory a little with this one, but once they clock it they won’t be able to get enough of you two. Hilary had looks for DAYSSSS and Trevor was just anchor man fly so this shouldn’t be the hardest to pull off. The key here is going to be the personality on both ends. Fab, clueless, and rich will be your keywords for the night.

Beyonce + Jay Z

Mother + father. King + Queen. We’re saying it here, right now. If you can pull this off this WILL BE the most iconic pop culture Halloween costume of the year. Beyonce has quite a few looks on her own, but when these two dropped their joint album they had us all going apeshit.

Steven + Connie

Hey nerdy birds! This is one of our favorite fusions, but separate Steven and Connie are still very cool. Everyone won’t get this costume, but if you choose to go with it we’re sure that your people will get it.

Cardi + Off Set

Not putting our favorite ratchet couple on the list would be a disservice to everyone who reads our blog. The way Cardi’s styling team has been putting in the work to make her the most talked about female rapper right now is seriously unreal. She has been serving looks on a silver platter since her album dropped which means there are loads to choose from. Give all of your friends a chance to party with Cardi.

Brandy + Monica

Of course, we saved the best for last! How killer would it be for you and bae to show up to a Halloween party as these two baddies and out-sing each other all night? Too fun, right? We know they’re not a couple but the magnitude of this duo surpasses any need for an actual relationship.

If you try any of these fun couples looks PLEASE make sure to tag us. We’d love to see.

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