19 Female Creatives to Know

Our list of female creative you should have on your radar

1. Grace- Gracie Francesca


2. Bryanda Law Quirtastick.Co


3. Vanessia Darby Moxie Nashville


4. Audrey Canady- Audrey Can Blog


5. Raven Jackson- Dope Vibrations


6. Kimberly Drew- Museum Mammy


7.  Glendaly Corona- La Mama Hada


8. Bethany Savage- B Maladroit


9. Ashante Kindle- Shante.1490


10. Fariha Roisin- She literally writes EVERYWHERE

11. Melanie- On My Grown

12. Ashley- Wandarelux

13. Laura Lynn- Breezy and  Brazen

14. Wilsar Johnson- Call Me Wilsar

15. Bukola Badipe- Beabeesy

16. Shaz- Shazamcosplay

17. Melanie Catney- Eats & Streets

18. Bex- Black Girl Podcast

19. AK Brown- Just Bloggers No Explanation

Make sure you go and follow these amazing creative women, and share this post with your friends as well so they can follow too. If I missed your favorite drop their name and link below so we can follow them.

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