Taste Testing | Cocktails For The Holidays

CHRISTMAS DRINKS. They keep you cheery during the holidays, even when you’re family doesn’t. My mother’s pomegranate mimosas is a Christmas morning tradition + sparked my curiosity to try new things. After a few unfortunate recipe experiments, I’ve come up with a few of my favorite to take you into the new year. I can only wish these drinks you bring as much cheer as they bring me, dolls.

Adam ‘N Eve (Deliciiiiious!) 14390 

2 measures Triple Sec
1 measure Vodka
1 measure grapefruit juice
1 measure cranberry juice
5-6 cubes of pineapple
2 tsp sugar
Crushed Ice
Strawberry (to decorate)

Jack Frost (If nothing else, it’s one festive looking drink)


3/4 measure blue Curacao (chilled)
1 measure Tequila (chilled)
2 measures cream (chilled)
1/2 cup crushed ice

Cosmopolitan (Because, it’s a classic you can never ignore)

2 measures Vodka
1 measure Triple Sec
1 measure fresh lime juice
1 measure cranberry juice
Orange peel (decoration)

Angelic (For those who play between the naughty & nice list)


1 measure vodka
1/2 measure Galliano
1/2 measure Southern Comfort
Dash of egg white
Orange or Pineapple
Juice (preferred taste)

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