2018 Natural Hair Check Up

The hair has grown and so have I


What I’ve been doing:

This year has been so much fun as far as my hair is concerned. I’ve always tried to be different when it comes to styling, but this year I REALLY walked up to the ledge and took a leap. Back in January, I decided that this would be my year to truly live and I’ve tried to embody that in every aspect of my being. For my hair that has meant weave- lots and lots of weave. I’ve never really been one for fake hair, but this year everything changed. From braids to ponytails to extensions it was like I was reinvented with every hairstyle. And with each new hairstyle, I learned a little bit more about myself. I am sexy. I am fierce. I am exotic. I am dangerous. I am confident. I am strong. I am ethnic. I am supernatural. I am woman. I am free.

What have I been doing? Having fun!!

What I’ve learned

Switching up my hairstyles made me think a lot about control and how I am viewed by others. We all know that a major part of growing up is finding ourselves and becoming secure in our identities. For black women, hair has always been a huge part of how we self-identify and associate with the culture. Because of this, things like deciding to go natural and navigating through heatless styling were monumental for me.

People had so many comments about my hair, and many still do, but what I’ve learned is that I have no control over how others choose to view me. And, better than that, it’s irrelevant. What I can control is how I look and how I feel about the way that I look. That’s what’s important and everything else is just bullshit.

What I’ve also learned is that hair is just hair. Like many other naturalistas, I found myself getting really caught up in length and curl pattern. So much so I was forgetting how awesome it is to actually style and have fun with my hair. My hair is not in competition with anyone else’s.

ALSO: water is bae!!! Wet the curls and protect the curls.

What I’m using

Right now I’m super obsessed with Cantu’s kid collection. The curling cream and the curling custard are the perfect cocktail for moisturized, springy curls that have luster and last. They’re super light and hydrating so my hair doesn’t feel weighed down and I’m not having to wash all of the time. I also really like how they smell.

Beeswax has also become a staple in my routine. Smooth slick edges and super laid ponytails are gorgeous, but edge control and Gorilla Snot can be damaging. I love that Beeswax is just like heavy ass grease so my hair is slick but also being loved on with something smooth and nondrying.

I’ve eased up on using straight oils on my hair because I wasn’t loving having it dripping all of my skin. It was becoming hard to manage my natural oils with my skin care routine because of the added products from my hair.

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