3 Braids and Twist Out

Simple festival hair with loads of personality. 


Natural Festival Hair- Tiffandcoco.com- Tiff and CocoHaving this color in my hair and being all up in festival season has definitely been the inspiration for many of my hairstyles lately. This style is one I plan to rock as soon as I step foot on my first grassy festival field, so you know I have to share it with my faves.

What I used:

SoftSheen Carson Let’s Jam Extra Hold

ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Cream

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade

Design Essentials Natural Coconut Water Curl Refresher Coconut & Monoi


This style, like all of my favorite natural styles, is super easy. I started the style out by making a short part directly in the middle of my head. From there I parted the down each side of my temple. With the rest of my hair in a ponytail holder, I coated the front and back of each section with the Extra Hold Jam. I then braided the two sections down to the scalp and then all the way to the tip. After those two braids were done I parted out a section in the middle of my head behind the two front braids. I then braided this section to the scalp and then down to the tip.

Once the braids were done I worked on all of the loose hair. I used my fingers to do a little loose detangling and nonspecific parting. I separated medium sections and wet them using the Design Essentials Curl Refresher. I followed the curl refresher with ORS curl cream from root to tip and brushed the product through. Once the medium section was fully moisturized I put it in a three strand twist. I continued this method until there was no hair left out. Finally, I moisturized the visible parts of my scalp with Carol’s Daughter Pomade and wrapped my hair in a satin scarf.

I thought that doing three strand twists was best for this style because they create so much definition. When allowed enough time for all of the products and moisture to soak in three strand twists allow for max volume without any sacrifice of waves and curls.

After the twists set overnight I unraveled them and used a pick to fluff and blend the parts. Once my hair was fluffed to my liking I collected all of the braided ends and secured them with a rubber band.

This style lasted me for 3 days with the only maintenance being twisting the ends.

Natural Hair Style with Braids- tiffandcoco.com- Tiff and Coco

Braided Natural Hair style- tiffandcoco.com- Tiff and Coco


Natural Hair Style with Braids- tiffandcoco.com- Tiff and Coco

Natural Hair Definition- tiffandcoco.com- Tiff and Coco

braids and natural hair- tiffandcoco.com- tiff and coco

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  1. May 28, 2017 / 12:33 pm

    Super cute! I have yet to try a braid out. I am typically a wash and go type of girl! I am going to try it today #washday 🙂

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