Why Getting Over Yourself Is The Best Thing For Your Career

We all get in a career rut from time to time. 
Here’s some advice: get over yourself. 


You know the feeling. That mundane, complacent feeling that starts deep down and rises up slowly like a horrible winter cough. Suddenly all of your ideas become one-dimensional, your energy becomes lethargic, and your creativity plummets. You can’t think of a single thing worth pursuing that isn’t perfectly laid out for you already.

Life is made of these moments. That depleting feeling that leaves you uninspired and wondering what you’ve done with your life. The game of this or that, here or there. There are even times where it leaves you paralyzed, unable to act productively towards your goals. It can be as simple as getting your daily chores done, to securing the requirements for your next opportunity.

If we’re not careful these thoughts can become our mindset, which has an extreme influence on your work ethic, drive, and overall career. Many of us overlook our depletion and push through it, believing it will make us a ‘better’ person on the other side. Women, and young women, in particular, are susceptible to this trend.

Your power comes from your energy, something you can’t replenish without depositing first.

“Whether you’re a mother or whether you’re a brother, you’re stayin’ alive.”

Being a young woman in today there’s a certain motivation and drive to create and achieve; an overwhelming sensation to be independent, funny, intelligent, successful and still so approachable; that stress can wear on you. The convenient thing about self-care is it can happen anywhere and last for any amount of time. Having time to yourself allows you to be refreshed, inspired and all-around better about life. Think of your body like the bank: you can’t keep spending if you never deposit anything. Life is about balance, trusting the process and taking care of yourself.

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I suffer from horrible anxiety and tend to overthink almost everything. It’s not an attractive trait and it’s something I’m trying hard to change. Over-thinking the small things in life is only a disservice to you, it doesn’t affect anyone else. It can be hard to get outside of your own head. As 2015 comes to a close, I thought it would be cool to share 4 things I do to combat anxiety and embrace self-care.


Replace social media.   This is helpful when I just want unplug and renew myself . Once every week I schedule an amount of time to spend catering to myself. This ranges each week; sometimes it’s listening to vinyl and cleaning my apartment, and other times it’s shutting off my phone and binge watching Netflix all night. Disconnecting from the world can be a tough pill to swallow, especially if you have kids or work around the clock. But remember, it doesn’t have to be an hour long affair. Self-care can be simply taking 10 minutes to sit peacefully or with music playing, and just relaxing your mind. It can be a quick at-home manicure between dinner and dessert. I find solace in reading, a lot. I enjoy sitting down and getting lost in the world adventure, unrequited love, fantasy and just about anything slightly entertaining. If you’re not a natural reader, try this trick: Every time you want to check your Twitter feed for the umpteenth time, start reading a book.


Invest in girlfriends.  There is just about nothing I will stress more than investing in a solid, empowering group of friends. As you get older, you embark on different adventures, obstacles and challenges in life; you have to build a good support group to get through it all. Think of your friends as a theater: you want the people that love you most in the front row, cheering you on unconditionally. For girls and young women, it can be difficult to find new friends, being as we’re all in a bit of a transitional period. Look for those who make you better, challenge what you’re doing, and tell you the truth (nobody needs to be that girl with the toilet paper on her shoe). Don’t get caught up in the ones who look the part but the ones who listen, console and help you to be better. #GIRLLOVE 


Focus on what you can control. For me, it’s my career. For you, it may be your budget, or sleeping more, or a cleaner house. Whatever it may be, focus on that. Being on top of the things helps when things fall apart; you don’t feel like you’ve contributed to that. I don’t have a husband or children, so I pay my career quite a bit of attention. The more productive I am, the more I hear what the universe is trying to me. When you focus on what you can control, it gives you a strong confidence in your role within your own life; it strengthens you. 


Get Healthy. I might be one of the most unhealthiest people I know, and I only just realized it later this year. Health isn’t just a number to me, it’s about how I feel, what I’m putting in my body and how that is either helping or hurting my body. I’ve always gone through small phases of eating healthy and trying to exercise, but those barely last 30 days. As of late however, I’ve really invested in only digesting beneficial, self-fulfilling things. And this expands outside of food. Eliminating unhealthy habits as partying a bit too much, smoking one too many cigarettes or just taking care of yourself daily – make sure to monitor what you’re putting in and on your body. You will feel so much better, more productive and have a better energy.

Are you doing something to jumpstart your new year?
Have you recently lost your mojo + want to share?
Leave comments below on what you’re excited about for 2016.



  1. December 28, 2015 / 9:08 am

    Self-care and healthy decisions have been an ongoing battle for me but one I refuse to give up on great tips by the way

    • December 28, 2015 / 9:22 am

      Self-care is something I’ve also struggled with but as I get older, I realize just how important it is! It’s nice to know I’m not alone in that struggle. I hope this post helps you in some way, shape or form. Thanks so much for stopping by + taking a read <3 Coco

  2. January 12, 2016 / 4:26 pm

    Self-care is incredibly important! I’ve been focusing on that so much lately. Definitely going to share this post via Twitter!

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