6 Lessons to Learn from Cardi B

6 life lessons from everyone’s favorite bad girl



Many people have loads to say when it comes to Cardi B. Her ratchet antics, openness about sex, & her admitted thot lifestyle often leads people to view her negatively. I, however, think she’s amazing. I am currently on my own, personal quest to be as comfortable in my own skin and live life to the fullest the way that she does. This year I’ve been making an honest attempt to get my life, and these 6 things I’ve embraced from Cardi B are making it oh so enjoyable.

1. Haters Gonna Hate


You can be the ripest, juiciest, peach on the branch and someone will go out of their way to talk about you not being round enough. Whether you’re doing right or wrong, there is always going to be someone out there with something to say. A hater’s job is to hate, so at the end of the day fuck ’em. Don’t let what anyone else says about you or the way you choose to live have an effect on you.


2. Get this shhhmoney


There are a few things that people don’t play about, and money is definitely one of them. If Cardi B teaches anything at all it’s to get them checks and keep it movin’. Listen, stay focused on your goals and always remember that you’ve got bills to pay. Whether it’s stripping, programming, or nannying- if it’s bringing in the coins and allowing you to live the lifestyle that you want, do ya thang.


3. Be yourself


These days it seems like everyone is trying their damnedest to be someone else and it’s boring. You only get one life, shawty, and as I mentioned in #1 hater gon’ hate, so why not just be yourself. Some will like it, some will love it, and others…well who cares? It takes so much energy to pretend and I’m sure being yourself is way more fun.


4. Ride for those who ride for you


Fake Love is a great song and all, but in real life that shit is whack. I’ll keep this one short and say: be honest, stay loyal, & show respect OR KEEP IT MOVING!!! No one has time to waste dealing with fake friends and bum relationships.


5. Fuck who you want


If you haven’t heard “Candy” by The Pack then you’re not living. Song summary- “This my pussy. I can do what I want.” Ladies and gents, you’re grown. As long as you’re not just out here fckn reckless and spreading STDs nobody should be worried about what you decide to or not to do with your genitalia. Sex is BOMB! Get it whenever from whomever wherever the hell you please.


6. Pussy runs everything


We, Cardi and I, could be biased because we’re females, HOWEVER, if you check the receipts you’ll see that the kitty cat is a powerful being. I’m not saying go out here and dog every dude you can get your claws on, but I am saying get yours. This lesson is something I think could’ve saved me a lot of heartbreak back in the day, but now that I know what this thang can do hoonnneeeyyyy.


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  1. March 29, 2017 / 3:04 pm

    Loved this, she my role model too can’t lie. Another fave of mine is ‘ a hoe never gets cold’ look cute or die trying😜

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