7 Game of Thrones Fan Theories That Could Be True In Season 6

We all love all the Game of Thrones theories out there.
Here are the best Game of Thrones theories we love.

Careful: Spoilers ahead.



  • R + L = J. This is one of the biggest Game of Thrones theories out there, and certainly one of the most realistic. Rhaegar + Lyanna = John. Yes, THAT John. The theory is more than just a fan theory at this point, with big moments of foreshadowing throughout the show. On top of that, there’s a widely talked about flashback happening in the first episode, conveniently named ‘The Red Woman’, that takes place at the Tower Of Joy. Here are the details: Lyanna and Rhaegar were actually in love, and upon finding out she was pregnant, they pranced off to Dorne to protect their family. Being that everyone from the Tower of Joy is currently dead, it’s rumored the flashback will come from Bran himself. If all of this is true, John Snow should have no problem rising from the flames.Game-Of-Thrones-Tyrion-Lannister-Peter-Dinklage
  • Tyrion as a Targaryen. Yep, you read that right. Our very own wine-loving Lannister might be an heir to the dragon legacy, all thanks to a reckless Mad King Aerys and Tywin’s late wife, Joanna. It’s heavily alluded in the Game of Thrones books that the Mad King had a crush on Joanna, as she was as beautiful as Cersei is described; he also had a hatred towards Tywin Lannister. Could Tyrion be the product of that vengeful lust? This is one of the biggest Game of Thrones theories out there. Our answer might not be too far away, as the trailer shows Tyrion exploring and possibly arising from a hot dragon fire. We shall see, indeed. But while we wait, here’s something to chew on: the sigil of House Targaryen is a dragon with three heads.
    the hound
  • The Gravedigger is The Hound. If you’re not an avid book reader, then you may not even know what the hell I’m talking about. A major character cast this season is The Gravedigger, aka The Dead-But-Not-Really Hound. In the books, Brienne meets a gravedigger who knows an awful lot about The Hound, his story is he talked with him while he died. But, here’s the fan theory: Clegane never actually died, but instead living as a novice at a monastery.  Now, there’s no indication of this coming to fruition, mainly because the plotlines just don’t add up. But there have been talks of Rory McCann, the actor who plays The Hound, wandering about set and staying in the same hotel as the original cast and crew.Related Article: #GOT Questions That Need Answers
  • Who is Azor Ahai? We spent several seasons  listening to Melisandre spout on and on about Stannis being Azor Ahai, but that vision went downhill quick. Now fans are left with a few options, and an overwhelming amount believes John Snow will arise as Azor Ahai. Avid book readers, on the other hand, believe this figure to be Dany, or even Prince Rhaegar’s lost son, Aegon (more on that below). While the book presents more flashbacks than the series, we’ve all seen Dany’s vision in the House of The Undying, and heard ‘The Dragon has three heads.” Maybe Azor Ahai is not one, but three people?Gendry-Waters-gendry-37245843-4256-2832
  • Gendry Will Return. I’ve never been a huge believer that Gendry is dead, and this fan theory proves it. George R.R. Martin is not one to build up a ‘useless’ character, and that’s how many felt after Gendry poorly sailed off into the deep abyss. Now, we have full reason to believe he’s making his full return being that the iron throne is literally anyone’s game right now. Our personal theory: Littlefinger picked him up on his rowings between the Vale and Kings Landing; now he’s locked in a sky cell until the perfect time.Related Article: 8 Epic Dead Characters
  • Aegon VI – Who is That? It is said that there might have been a child spirited off during the rebellion, one Aegon VI, the ‘Prince That Was Promised’. Again, this plotline has been explored in the book way more than the series, but may be close to making it TV debut. With Varys playing a huge role in Meeran with Tyrion, it might be the prime opportunity to introduce Dany to a new, older nephew. Many fans reject this theory because if there were to be a third Targaryn, Tyrion is the golden choice. I’ll be interested if there’s any life to this theory, because I think one lost Targarygen is enough.Cersei-Cover
  • Cersei WIll Be Murdered By Her Own Son. There are two sub-theories of this one, and it might not even happen this season. It was prophesied in the book that about the way in which Cersi will die, a snippet that wasn’t included in the show. Dorkly wrote on an article on the prophecy, and while many think Maggy the Frog is referring to Tyrion as her ‘valouqar’, there’s a chance it could be pointing to…Tomen! Read about the theory here, but know this: I’m taking this one step further. I think Arya will get Joffrey’s face from the Hall of Faces, and make her vengeful return to Westeros. Either way, I would be happy. 

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  1. April 20, 2016 / 11:02 am

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m here for that last theory. If Arya comes back as Joffrey I’d flip.

    • April 20, 2016 / 11:22 am

      I really really hope this one is true, because how awesome would it be to see Cersei die that way!?

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