Check out these great tips for spreading love and light this International Women’s Day!

Reach out. We’re all guilty of not communicating with our loved ones as much as we should. Take the time to reach out to someone you haven’t spoken with in a while, see how she’s doing and be present in that conversation. There’s a magic in truly listening and talking with someone about life – you learn so much more about the world around you.

Read her resume. One of the most helpful things the women in my life have done for me is read my resume. I’ve had many struggles to find my footing in my career. It has been a blessing to have the women in my tribe look over my resume and give me critiques to make it amazing. Helping your girlfriend be the boss is the gift that keeps on giving. Reading and critiquing her resume will give her the confidence to apply to all those jobs she’s talked about, and rock her next interview.


Gift her your favorite book. My favorite gift to receive is a good book.  A lot of times I get wrapped up in my favorite genre, so it’s nice receive something new that I otherwise wouldn’t have picked. Sharing is caring.

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Support her, unequivocally. There are tons and tons of women out here chasing their dreams. Support your shot caller by sharing and promoting her work; read and talk about her latest article; buy her art, or shout her business out on social media. Let her know you see her and respect her hustle.  


Share you knowledge. Nobody knows what they don’t know. Invest in your friends, and share knowledge between yourselves. Listen and try to help her in any way she needs, whether you agree with it or not.

Donate to a girl-based charity. Women’s Day means also investing in our youth, and the women they will become. Find a local charity or national organization to give a bit of loving to.


To learn more about this year’s International Women’s Day, click here!

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