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Thank you so much for stopping by.  Whether it’s your first or 50th time we are happy to have you.  Tiff + Coco is a lifestyles blog dedicated to all things young, urban and trendy. It’s our space to share the things we love, lust for, and are passionate about.  While our content is heavy in fashion + natural hair, we also use this platform to share our views on social issues, pop culture,and nerd shiz.  Written by two southern girls ballin’ on a budget, we are your hub for affordable fashion and beauty.

Our story starts around 2004.  We met in High School during a journalism class + instantly hit it off.  After high school we both moved to Knoxville to rep the only orange that matters (#GBO).  Though we pursued it in different capacities (English + public relations) writing continued to play a major role in our lives.

We can’t remember who started the convo, but we both remember being over the moon about starting Tiff + Coco.  We wanted a place to share our voice, but also to fill some of the gaps we saw online.  We’ll admit that it was a little scary in the beginning, but we’ve grown so much over the years that we couldn’t imagine not blogging.

Now that you know who we are here take a look around. Find out what beauty brands are taking our coins, trend watch with us as we covet new pieces to add to our closets, and don’t forget to stay in touch.


[ TIFF ]

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Hey I’m Tiff. I am a digital marketer in East Nashville and the social media director for Black Bloggers United.

Here I’m your resident naturalista.  I’m not a world famous natural hair guru, but I do have tips + trick that can help whether you’re a new natural or 10 years in the game.  I started my natural hair journey right out of college in 2013, and it’s truly helped me to release my inner badass.  My hair has become my child.  I love taking care of it and am legit proud when it acts right. Hit the subscribe button to grow with me and my hair.

When I’m not talking hair I’m watching Game of Thrones, obsessing over Harry Potter or beefing up my budget beauty ninja skills.   I enjoy books (collecting + reading), learning about people, and singing karaoke (even though I’m awful). I also really like Pokémon + couldn’t imagine life without rap music.

My passions involve any and everything that empowers women. I am a feminist, a womanist and all that falls in-between.  Through my work I hope that I inspire others to be their bomb ass selves and live the life they’ve always imagined.

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I’m also on Snapchat: tiffsaysgo2



[ COCO ]

CoCo in three words: genuine, FUN, and stylish. She is such a great person and with an amazing spirit.  We have grown into such great friends and I really appreciate her position in my life.

Her style is really personalized.  She makes these seamless transitions between her favorite styles, and always keeps it CoCo.  Most times she does this really cool edgy hippie blend.  It’s free, hard, and clean all at the same time.  She’s also really into accessories, and even that is done in her simple strategic way.  I honestly always want to take her picture.

I think for Co doing this will help her voice be heard, and allow her to grow as a writer.  She loves this.  She is such a great writer and the passion she has for fashion is indescribable.

Our friendship in a nutshell is really simple. I like to think of us as yellow.  We are the same color, just different shades.  We’re not the exact same so it’s cool, but we’re super similar so it makes everything a little more amazing.  We click something serious.  It’s definitely one of those sentence finishing, mind reading, face giving type of friendships.  She sees the things I don’t and I say the things that she won’t.  It’s really cool to get to share something we both love so much with everyone.

If you wanna hit Coco up personally, email her at: courtney@tiffandcoco.com