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AfroPunk 2017 Atlanta- tiff and coco

AfroPunk was hands down the blackest events I’ve attended since my last family reunion. Seriously. Close your eyes and imagine standing in a sea of melanin listening to Solange sing FUBU from her soul while inhaling the comforting aromas of coconut oil, fried chicken, and sweet, sweet Canibus.

This festival, appropriately named “The Carnival of Consciousness”, was an awakening for the soul and a completely safe space. It was freedom, it was happiness, it was eccentric, it was fashion-forward, and it was fun as hell.

If you’ve never been to a festival before, this is a great place to start. I didn’t really like that the site was so small, but I appreciated that it allowed for easy access to the different sections and kept attendees from getting lost.

My bestie, Sharese, attended with me (she’s never been to a festival) and I could tell that in the beginning, she was very nervous. She stayed pretty close and was looking around like a kid in a toy store. By day two, however, she was fully acclimated and already talking about coming back next year. It was awesome.

Afropunk Carnival of Consciousness Fest Atlanta- Tiff and Coco

AfroPunk 2017- tiff and cocoAfroPunk Atlanta 2017- tiff and coco

So What is AfroPunk?

AfroPunk is a two-day music and art festival that takes place in quite a few major cities including Atlanta, Brooklyn, and London. In Atlanta, they had two stages, red and green, where both new and well-known artist performed. Along with music, the festival featured art, fashion, and multiple avenues for activism and education. Celebs and educated black girl magic mamas like Melissa Harris-Perry and  Yvonne Orji led sessions on justice, human rights, and activism in the black community. Our headliners for the weekend were sexy ass Miguel and soul bae Solange. There was tons of food, tons of alcohol, and tons of music to make each day super enjoyable.

Favorite Parts

the fashion– the fashion at AfroPunk was off the wall. People truly dug down and found their inner selves and let it shine so friggin bright. From flowers and face paint to semi-nudity everyone felt free to stand out. The atmosphere was completely judgment-free and you could tell by everyone’s freedom to dress as they pleased.

the blackness– we were in that thing so tight it wasn’t even funny. We were the attendees, the vendors, the volunteers, the artists, the producers, and the film crews. It was revolutionary.

dancing– though I’m not good at all, dancing is one of my all-time favorite things to do. It’s meaningful, it takes the stress away, and it just makes you feel so good. On the inner stage of the festival dj after dj kept the party jumping all night. I didn’t know all of the songs, but that didn’t keep me from turning up the way you should at a festival.

Evan Williams– yal, dead ass Evan Williams just pulled up on me out of nowhere and asked for a lighter. LIKE IT WAS NOTHING. Bitch, when I say I was digging for fucking fossils in my purse trying to find this gorgeous man a lighter. Sadly, I didn’t have one but he was cool and took a photo with me.

Afropunk Carnival of Consciousness Atlanta- Tiff and Coco Afropunk Carnival of Consciousness ATL- Tiff and Coco Afropunk Carnival of Consciousness 2017- Tiff and Coco Afropunk Fest- Tiff and Coco AfroPunk ATL 2017- tiff and coco AfroPunk ATL- tiff and coco

Afropunk Fest Fashion- Tiff and Coco AfroPunk 2017 ATL- tiff and coco

Overall AfroPunk Atlanta was a blast. It was definitely what I needed to end out festival season and prep myself for some serious work and holiday with the family. If you’re looking to get your festival feet or just wanting some major black power vibes then this is your festival. I really hope to hit Brooklyn next year so if you’ve been tell me about it in the comments below. If, like us, you attended in Atlanta share some photos with us on Instagram and also tell us about your experience in the comments.

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