Best Moments from Insecure Season 2 Premiere

Insecure is back & we’re hype


FINALLY Insecure is back. If you’re like me then you feel like you’ve been waiting forever. Season one was so relatable and well-written that when it ended I felt betrayed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been fantastic seeing Issa on the rise literally killing it everywhere. She is definitely getting the accolades that she deserves and making us awkward black girls feel a little more “normal.” My favorite way to see her, however, is as Molly’s hot mess bff.

On to season 2. If you haven’t seen it you might not want to read any further because there will be some spoilers. If you have watched, girl, let’s talk. So, aside from it only being a half hour the season premiere didn’t disappoint. I laughed, was in my feelings, got angry, and was left with mad anticipation for episode two. Keep reading and check out my top 5 favorite moments.


  1. Issa’s hair

  • During the entire episode, Issa rocks some of the dopest natural hairstyles. I was almost wishing that I still had a twa so that I could rock them too. She seriously is putting on for natural girls in a major way. I felt too touched when one of her date looks was twists. I could NEVER go out rocking my hair twisted (head’s too big-hair too thin) but I’m definitely for EVERY girl who does.  (honorable hair mention: Molly and that super slayed bob)
  1. Super relatable self-deprecating jokes

  • “Dick on E. Bank account on E. Life on E.” Biiiiittttcccchhhhhh we’ve all been there. And to be real I’m there right now. I didn’t cheat or anything, but this dating shit will have you feeling like you are not the boss bitch that you really are. Every time she hit herself with a little shot I felt it too.
  1. The BOMPANY

  • Listen Thug Yoda was too hilarious in season one but they turned it up this season with the honorary blood. This entire scene had me on the FUCKING FLOOR! “Bute and thick” “bonnect it” The anxiety and stress in Issa’s face was just too real.
  1. Moral dilemma

  • Was I the only one wanting to slap the taste out of Lawrence’s mouth the whole episode. When he was blowing Tasha’s back out I was disgusted. When he stepped up like a man and actually took her on a nice date I was like “Oh, so you like this bitch? Yal, going on dates?” When he smashed Issa and hit her with that pathetic ass peck on the cheek I was hoping that nigga got hit by a car on his way out. I kept having to hardcore remind myself “tiff, girl, she cheated on him.” Lawrence was a bum and all in season one but he really didn’t deserve to be cheated on. And, if the roles were reversed I’d be wanting Issa to be with someone who adored her like Tasha does Lawrence.
  1. Soundtrack

If you watched season one comment your favorite parts below. Let’s talk. Also, make sure that you live tweet with us every Sunday.

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