Budget Saving Summer Hacks

This summer is all about ballin’ on a budget – so get some tips for how to maximize your summer season!

  • COLORING YOUR HAIR: I can’t tell you how happy I was to find this handy tip. I have been dying to spice up my hair – especially after watching It’sMyRayeRaye on YouTube color hers purple – but not do something permanent. There a bevy of temporary options out there, but this one does NOT damage your hair. I used Jerome Russell BWild (MAKE YOU GET THIS EXACT ONE!) It fades pretty fast, but is perfect for a fun day in the sun! If you use your real hair with this, beware that caking it on (applying layer and layer) will require a deep-condition when you finally wash it out.
    Christina over at Love Brown Sugar has a couple other options too – safe + fabulous! As someone who NEVER does fun stuff to my hair, I’m completely obsessed with this one!tiffandcococoloredhair
  • ROOM DECORATING: Summer demands change in a bunch of areas – wardrobe, hair routine, room. Well, one of my favorite beauty bloggers recently id a video about her favorite DIY hacks – and I had to share! I love trying out budget-friendly tips for my home, especially since it’s only an apartment.[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkrgBS-1d9k&w=560&h=315]
  • SUMMER READING: Buying books can get expensive, no matter what Amazon discount you’re using. Here’s a new app that’s going to be the Netflix of books. Welcome to Oyster! You can use it on any mobile or desktop device, and it streams offline too! You pay a simple fee and you can read as many books as you want – and they have a ton! If you’re planning on traveling a bunch, or just lazy days by the pool – this is the perfect book saving hack!
  • SWEAT-FREE HAIR: If you’re from the South like I am, you know summers are not all fun and games. There’s a terrible aspect to it: humidity. Since that struggle is all the way real, here’s a free easy and light hairstyles to try for the sticky season. (See more options here!)


I hope this helps add some pizazz to your summer on a budget!
PS: If you wear glasses, take a peak at my makeup hacks and tips!

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