Inclusion & Representation: The House Christian Siriano Built

Christian Siriano is not-so-quietly revolutionizing fashion.

Over the past twenty years, the fashion industry hasn’t made the best decisions when it comes to representation and inclusion. We are constantly bombarded with images of women who represent about 1% of the population. The slim, delicate runway bodies from the 90s, the velour-clad curvy teeny boppers of the 00’s, and the even curvier, plastic bodies we see today. Fashion is not only critical about trends but also the accepted body types of women. Many brands have preached ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ with social media-centric campaigns that often fall short of their desired goal. More and more we find the words of Hamlet’s mother ringing true: The designer doth protest too much. 

A designer who lets his designs and clients speak for themselves, Christian Siriano has built his career on inclusion, diversity, and true beauty. For years, Siriano has created innovative silhouettes with celebrities, models and style icons of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Since his debut as the youngest winner of Project Runway and being praised by Victoria Beckham as ‘a breath of fresh air’, he continually challenges the status quo of the industry.

As of late, his name has been synonymous with style stars like Solange, Cardi B, and Zendaya. After SNL star Leslie Jones voiced the challenges of finding a designer dresses for her movie premieres, Siriano quickly stood up to design for her. When Michelle Obama wanted to stun at her last Democratic National Convention as First Lady, she did it in a royal blue number from Siriano. Powerful women trust Siriano with their image and for good reason. 

Siriano’s belief in women is prominent in his designs and translates into his branding.

This is a way of life for him and he’s challenging other designers/brands to step up. Siriano draped his 2018 collection over endogenous, curvy, melanin-filled models in beautifully structured silhouettes, a beautiful and, sadly, rare sight to see in the fashion world. His partnership with Barbie and Mattel works to instill this message in young girls, a much-needed thing in today’s oversaturated world. Siriano is designing evening gowns with vastly different silhouettes, inspired by looks he’s created for celebrities on the red carpet. Young girls are constantly comparing themselves to bloggers, YouTubers, and celebrities with petite or unhealthy figures. Siriano’s work will help to change a girl’s self-image from a young age and hopefully helping to change the way young women see themselves in their teen and young adult years. Hell, the ripple effect could continue to adulthood. 

Siriano brings humanity and true beauty back to fashion. He’s including an entire genre of women aren’t being seen or heard. He is blazing a trail that can only be revolutionary to the fashion industry. He’s a true artist and visionary that we should be supporting wholeheartedly. The art he’s creating today will help change the minds, views, and beliefs of our future. 

Sirano’s Latest Collection: 2018 Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection

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How do you feel about the lack of representation in the fashion industry? 
Do you see the progress being made as a consumer? 

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