Dance of Dresses: 6 Game of Thrones Fashion Moments

[Warning: This post contains spoilers up to the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale]

Now that we’ve all properly mourned Jon Snow (who I don’t think is actually dead, but whatever) it’s time to get down to what really matters: Game of Thrones fashion. Season 5 did not skimp for costumes, and I can’t say I’m disappointed at that. Better hair, more detailed pieces and glorious accessories were all the rage this year. Winter is coming, so long gone are the summer dresses of Season 1.

In hopes of quenching our thirst for more Game of Throne, I’ve compiled my favorite fashion moments of the season. We were blessed this season with a bigger budget, which means better costumes from Michele Clapton + Co. Grab a cup of coffee and dive into our favorite moments from Season 5 of Game of Thrones.

‡ Dany’s Dragon Chocker ‡ How sick is this necklace?
As by far one of the most beloved characters on the show, this necklace is an amazing piece for her character.
I love how Clapton works the heritage of the fictional world into real, tangible pieces. This is one of my favorite pieces, ever, on the show. So personal but fierce.


‡ Missandei’s Cutout Maxi  ‡ From abused slave to the right-hand maid to the Queen of Dragons, Missandei silently slays every week.
I feel in stupid love with this look, mostly because it’s something you would rock to a music festival or GNO. (I mean, minus all the intricate details and jewels). Plus, her natural hair is always laid for the Gods. (or, The Many-Faced God, to be exact).


‡ Nymeria’s Warrior Dress ‡ The introduction of the Sand Snakes is one of the most useless things the show has done this season, but they still slayed for the Gods.
More specifically I feel in love with the whip-wielding Nymeria, and her low-cut halter dress…thing. It has pants udnerneath, so she can still kick serious ass.
This kind of resembles Beyonce’s Run The World dress with the high side slits. I approve.


‡ Dany’s Textured Cape  ‡ One thing I can never get over with Game of Thrones: the attention to detail. This could be just a plain cape (like what she wears in the Fitting Pits scene), but the designers took it a step further.
I. Am. Obsessed with the intricate work done on this cape, almost like dragon scales.
The front cut-out is a great accent to pull it all together.


‡ Arya’s Bravos Hair ‡  People may sleep on this, but – it’s a great hair for naturals! Imagine the fluff, puff, and cuteness you could have with this hairstyle.
It’s braided up into a cluster of braids that sit on top of her head.
Such a festival season hairstyle.


‡ Shireen’s Poncho ‡ First, RIP, precious Shireen. Alright. Down to it. This fur poncho is everything.
Granted, I don’t know where I’d go that I’d need a coat this thick, but I would venture there to rock this.
It’s subtle but eye-catching. I suppose it’s still floating around somewhere, seeing as she wasn’t burned with it.
Eh, too soon?

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Now, we only have one year for more cringe-worthy + amazing moments. Ugh.


Oh, you know nothing Jon Snow.


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