December Favorites

What does Oprah, purple lipstick, and 24k of magic have in common? They’re all my favorite!



I cannot let December come to a close without sharing the things that have made this month so great for me. From my favorite podcasts, to amazing music and awesome beauty products; December has been filled with fun information + the best in beauty. Though the cold temperature has had me in a rut these 12 things have kept me pushing.

Making Oprah

Making Oprah podcast it’s so great. It’s really cool to hear how all the magic happened.  Oprah is such a big success and it was beautiful listening to her intentions with the show.  I appreciated hearing that she held each show to a high standard.  Her dedication to quality is unmatched and she made sure not to do shows just for ratings.  She has really always been about doing the right thing and helping people live their best life.

The last episode really had me in my feelings.  I even cried a little. It was really inspiring and made me want to figure out what it is that I wanted to do and get my shit together.

See Something Say Something

This podcast has really been informative for me. After the election it has been important to me to learn as much as I can and see things from different perspectives. See Something Say Something is dedicated to sharing the Muslim experience and letting people in on a culture that many have come to fear. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about how normal, yet unique Muslim people can be.


Frank Ocean’s Blonde has been on repeat for the last month.  Every time I turn it on I think I have a favorite song, but get hooked on a new one. He really got this perfect. It’s fully of really beautiful melodies and lyrics that get every inch of my feels.  It took awhile for for him to deliver this goodness to us but it was well worth the weight. Listening you can tell that he only makes music he would want to listen to.

4 Your Eyez Only

I’m also totally obsessed with J Cole’s new album right now.  Number one the title gives me so many Tupac vibes. Number two I really love his ability to tell a freaking story. There is not a another person out right now who can do it like him. I mean Kendrick is seriously the closest, but J.Cole really has this way of putting you in his experience + making you feel what he was feeling. He’s consistently done this with each album + I’m so thankful for him musically right now.

We Got It From Here

A tribe called quest seriously just took me back. An album from them is legit all I needed for Christmas. Lyrically ATCQ is sound as fuck and they make good music through and through. It’s so nice to have an album that you just want to play and jam out to from start to finish.  You can tell they’re having fun while creating great music. It’s an art, and they’ve perfected it.


24K Magic

Oh hi, Bruno Mars. This album is so damn funky. I cannot stop listening to it. It puts me in such a great mood.  I love it and it’s also one of those things that I know my parents would’ve put me on to when I was younger. Now, I get to put them on. 0

Purple Lips

Purple lipstick is an all winter long thing for me. I’ve definitely been serving it up hard this December. From deep plum to true grape I cant get enough of how pretty it looks on my lips. If you’re looking to try something fun on your lips check our my favorite 6 purple lippies.


I’m also obsessed with mauve and maroon. These color nail polishes look amazing on my fingers, and I’ve been rocking them all month. My favorites right now are Scandal and Absolutely Mauvelous by Pure Ice. Icing on the top? They’re super cheap!!


The Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer is a maze. My face is typically pretty oily, but  this cold weather is rough on my skin and it makes me really dry and flaky. This primer I can put right on top of my moisturizer, and it doesn’t feel thick or greasy.  It’s more like a protective shield over top of my face that hydrates my skin and creates a flat base for makeup.  After applying foundation it is not cakey or dry  through the day.

Design essentials

DE has been my go to for my hair this month.  It’s straight up nourishment, and my hair always feels really good after using it. I feel like it moisturizes every single strand and love the shine.  Currently I’ve been using the Coconut + Monoi line. The deep conditioning mask and shine spray are my favorites. They both help keep my twist outs look nice and sleek.

Coilz & Curlz Golden Goddess Accessories

This accessory set is the cutest, cheap thing I’ve bought in a long time.  It was only about $5 at Walmart and it came with a headband, comb, and also a bobby pin. They’ve been a really cute way to add a little accent to my hair. I’ve had straight hair for a lot of this month after getting a trim,  so these accessories have given me alot of the creativity I was missing without my curls.  They also look great with my curls.

Jersey Shore Anti Aging Lip & Hand Polish

This hand and lip scrub have been really good to me this month. I’ve been using it a lot, and now that it’s gotten cooler I’ve really needed to take some extra care. Since I’ve been wearing so much lipstick this scrub really helps to get the lipstick off and keep my lips moisturized. The same goes for my hands. It eliminates dead skin and leaves both hands and lips smooth, soft, and moisturized.

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