Everything is Love

It’s the album of the year and we can’t stop listening.
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track one- Summer

Summer has all of these things that I loved about the album Four.  You can hear Beyoncé soul. The vocals are so beautiful. They are literally dripping honey and gold.  It has the same feelings of freedom and self-expression.  Listening to this I picture her sitting on the floor, on vacation, looking at her bae like “let’s get it.”  It’s just so warm and loving and beautiful. It’s a Sunday song.   I honestly could do without Jay Z’s vocals on this one.  I just feel like they were thrown on.  They don’t really go with the song. I know it is a collaboration album but this is one of the songs I feel like would’ve been best with only one of them on it and in this case, it is Beyoncé.

track two- ApeShit 

I do not like this song at all. It sounds like a record exec heard the album before it went out and said “oh wait, you need a song like everybody else. With that same little autotune and throw the Migos on it.  It just doesn’t feel like something Beyoncé would do. I know she does whatever the fuck she wants and I appreciate that so much, but this just wasn’t good. I don’t like any of the Beyoncé parts but for sure  Jay Z snapped. I think he should’ve just sent his vocals over to be featured on an actual Migos track and left the whole song off of this album

track three- Boss

My favorite part of this track for sure would have to be the horns. I think I could listen to this as an instrumental and enjoy it just as much. This is one of the best songs on the album. I think this is what you would expect from a Jay Z + Beyoncé collabo.  I love when Jay Z  does the slow, storyteller, I need you to hear all of these lyrics and catch all of this symbolism rap. This song is fun and super cute.

track four- Nice

This song is everything. It honestly should have been the single. Throughout the whole song, Beyoncé is talking that shit and Jay Z goes in.  I love everything about this song especially the Half Baked reference. That was hilarious.  The vibe of the song and just everybody talking shit I loved it so much and run this one back all the time this was the moment that I said OK this album is about to really be fire

track five- 713

So I don’t love 713 like everyone else does, but I definitely understand why they do. It’s a Houston jam, the samples on it are awesome, and it’s the Jay Z song.

What I do love about this song is hearing Jay Z talk about having to court Beyoncé and really wanting to be with her before she wanted to be with him. I always think about his line in Big Pimpin when he says “me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothing and never have and I’ll be forever mackin” and Beyoncé just completely made him eat his words. It stings a little as a member of the hive to hear how much he worked for her only to cheat on her and be a dick, but nonetheless the story is still very cute. And coming from him it is sweet to hear. Guys don’t always like to say that they were wrong but Jay was.

track six- Friends

“Tight circle no squares. I am geometrically opposed to you” –Like can we just start and stop right there. This song is no new friends on a whole other level. They’re bother pretty much saying “my squad is the shit, and you can catch these hands behind them if that’s what you want.” Jay got super grimy with it and just shouted out all of the homies. He just wanted everybody to know that it was real.

I think that this is a really great summer song. I cannot wait to use some of these lyrics on Instagram when sharing photos of the homies because like them, my circle is small.

track seven- Heard About Us

TALK THAT MOTHER FUCKING SHIT MR AND MRS. They don’t need no vouchers and we already knew that. I really love the fact that they did it over such a smooth, melodic arrangements. It made the shit talk hurt even worse lol. Also, am I the only one who wants Bey singing “if you don’t know now you know nigga” as a ring tone and possibly just my life theme music?

track eight- Black Effect

This song is so black and so positive. They definitely make sure that people know that no matter what anybody has to say they’ve never not supported, employed, and promoted their people. They black as hell and yal gonna get it weather y’all want t or not.

track nine- Lovehappy

The married or super boo’d up anthem. It’s sweet. It’s fun. It shows the struggles and ultimately the success of love. Love always wins, if it’s real.

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