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Fall is here. 
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Fall is a beautiful frenzy. Between bustling fashion weeks, the sacred changing of the leaves, and the introduction of everything ‘pumpkin’, how I feel about fall is how normal people feel about New Year’s Eve: full of light and future happiness. Fashion is in a fun place right now. Designers are taking chances, icons are embracing bold trends, and mainstream fashion isn’t too boring right now. Volume, textures, and bursts of color are flooding runways across the world. Paris Fashion Week  showed giant sleeves, saturated colors and power suits. New York paraded stripes, bra tops and ruffles. But what about are you wearing before we get to the other side of winter? This fall we’re looking at a plethora of new and old trends: shades of tan, metallic, statement furs, layered slip dresses, off-shoulder pieces, pantsuits, florals, ruffles, dusty colors, and chokers – to name a few. Nobody real can afford to buy or wear that many trends in 3 month period. I’ve narrowed down 5 real-life trends to work into your fall wardrobe this year.


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Statement Fur

Fur, real or faux, has taken over the fashion. What was once considered a fancier accessory is now a mere glamorous touch. Statement furs have been seen at fashion shows, basketball games, charity dinners and awards shows this year. The warmest summer in history couldn’t stop fur from making its way onto various Best Dressed lists. It happens to make the perfect transition piece for fall. Whether it’s a sleeveless long vest or a waist-length poncho, you can’t really go wrong with fur this season. Styles are ranging in lengths, colors, designs and silhouettes. I enjoy fur as either an accessory, like a fur ball on your purse; or as a statement piece like Olivia Palermo pictured above. It adds drama to a casual jean look or dress up a simple black midi dress. Investing in a neutral color or one without a intricate design can strengthen the longevity of the piece. You’ll get your money’s worth, too.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: Actress and recording artist Teyana Taylor attends The Blonds fashion show during MADE Fashion Week September 2016 at Milk Studios on September 11, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

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Detailed Jackets

My mom’s side of the family is from Seattle so I grew up around people with a fondness for jackets. My younger cousin wore jackets that made my teenage Lizzie McGuire loving heart melt. I adore a good jacket. It’s just now getting cool enough in Tennessee to even think about wearing one. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m living in this Carli Bybel one from Missguided. Bombers, blazers, textured trenches and structured ponchos are everywhere. I love the silhouette of the structured ponchos. They create a slimming effect and add a touch of business. For trenches, I trend to lean toward military-inspired style. I enjoy the oversized sleeves, big buttons, and clean lines; it matches my personal preference more. The versatility with jackets is also appealing to fashion. You can drape it, layer it, slouch it or tie it around your waist; all within fashion rules and regulations. Don’t be afraid to play with textures like denim, velvet, or satin. It’s a great time to take risks.

Slip Dresses 

The resurgence of the 90’s wouldn’t be complete with the slip dress. By far and away one of my favorite things about the 90’s comeback. As a Clueless fan (I’m talking the movie and the TV show), I dreamed of wearing mini skirts, high socks and tiny Alaia red slip dresses. Finally, that dream is coming true. There are so many ways to wear slip dresses for fall. You can do the basic pairing of knee-high boots, or layer it with a bright bra top a la Sarah Ellen above. Some spice it up with a leather bomber jacket, while others leave their shoulder bare with a slouched texture jacket. The short styles are perfect for girl’s night out. The longer styles (stylishly being paired with ankle boots) are perfect for lazy Saturdays with your boo. Slip dresses can be worn all the way through the trenches of winter, depending on where you live of course. All that’s left is to embrace your inner Beverly Hills socialite.


Who isn’t in love with Bardot tops? It’s safe to say every women I know loves herself a Bardot top from time to time. The casual elegance this style provides is flattering no matter the color, shape or size of a woman. It’s transformed into a cult classic so you can find it with just about style of dress. I adore Karla’s signature dress from her new collection pictured above. The off-shoulder top complements the form-fitting bottom for a seductive, sexy silhouette. I also enjoy the oversized Bardot tops with bell sleeves that are popping up everywhere. Fun, dramatic, and stylish; you can get away with wearing it to any occasion.


If you’re over the age of 22, you need a pantsuit. It’s just a necessity at this point. There are elegant, stylish, young and convey #bossbitch all in one look. In a variety of styles, lengths, colors, textures, you can really play with this trend. The culotte style elongates your legs; saturated colors add a bit of fun; and prints can add curves to more slender women. Mixing prints is a big thing with pantsuits right now, and can add dimension to your outfit. Done right, it can add a crisp, polished touch. This look is also bar-friendly, so you can go from office to drinks easily.

 What trend are you most excited about?

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