Fall Travel Destinations To Visit In The South

5 key fall travel destinations to visit in the South. 
Also, your Instagram will thank-you.


When the seasons change, it brings about a crisp sense of creativity. As a result, a sense of renewal washes over when fall arrives. Whether it’s your wardrobe, a new side-hustle or a budding new relationship, autumn is all about changing it up. Autumn is by far my favorite season and living in the South only solidifies that. Probably one of my favorite things about living in Knoxville would be the fall season. The South is perfect for living out all your fall desires, especially if you live somewhere that’s not fall-friendly. While you may know the cliche cities to visit, here are 5 travel destinations not commonly talked about to visit.

Ellijay, Georgia


Considered the Apple Capitol of Georgia, this quaint small town is a fall-lover’s delight. This town sits just outside of the Chattahoochee National Forest, and 80 miles north of Atlanta. In addition, it’s home to the Georgia Apple Festival as well as 10 pick-your-own apple orchards. If apples aren’t your thing, the picturesque streams, forests and rivers probably will be. Historic southern charm awaits behind every waterfall and bike trail. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, you can rent beautiful cabins and bungalows for the perfect girl’s getaway or couple’s retreat. Hell, it’s even perfect for a weekend of self-reflection.

Blowing Rock, North Carolina


Outside of driving to Boston, Massachusetts to watch the leaves change, you won’t see a more drool-worthy place than Blowing Rock.  It is completely, 100% an experience everyone should have. Farms, bike and hiking trails, art galleries and museums are only a few attractions notable for your visit. Most of all, the real delight is the array of wineries and farms around. You can make an entire weekend of drinking wine, visiting the boutique shops and cuddling up in the ideal and cozy airbnbs. As a result, Blowing Rock is one of the most traveled destinations this time of year.

Cades Cove, North Carolina and Tennessee


One of the most visited places in the nation. Cades Cove is a place for lovers and Instagram couples alike. It’s one of the most popular places to see leaves and wildlife. Nestled outside of Townsend, Tennessee, the broad valley is perfect for seeing beautiful deer, turkeys and the occasional black bear. With 100 native tree species found in the Smokies, your autumn drives will leave you breathless. Spacious rental options allow for a long weekend with family or friends; there’s something to do for everyone.

Savannah, Georgia


The end of the year remains one of the perfect times to visit Savannah. First of all, the rain has halted and temperatures go from blistering hot to breezy and cool. Most noteworthy are the festivals, including the beloved Savannah Film Festival. In mid-November, the Savannah Food and Wine Festival is a main attraction for travelers. There are reasons Hollywood capitalizes on the southern charm of Savannah for film; it’s the perfect embodiment of it. Seems like Hollywood execs know a thing or two at times. Because of the heavy tourist traffic, the food in Savannah is divine. Oysters, shrimp, pumpkin, and squash are only a few Savannah staples. Grab your favorite foodie and rent a quaint airbnb to taste-test your ass off.

The Biltmore, North Carolina


The one is perfect for the lovers. Before the winter winds settle in and prices skyrocket for the holiday season, get a weekend for yourself. The Biltmore is a cornerstone establishment with wine, shopping and tons of activities to keep you occupied.  As a result, you can expect bookings to fill up fast. You can get great offers right now. Christmas is traditionally the busiest time for the attraction, so save your holiday budget and go for a bit cheaper this fall. While everyone is shivering under the Carolina mountains, you can enjoy your memories by the fire.


What are your favorite places to visit? 
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