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So just like everyone doing anything with their hair right now, I’m obsessed with the alternating size cornrows. Every person I’ve seen with them just looks so damn cute. When I first attempted them on my own hair, however, I was super disapponted. My hair is really thin, so it being braided did not have nearly the same effect as girls who get it done with weave. I’m not really into weave, so I had to find another way to rock this bomb ass style because the kid is seriously just out here tryna shine.


After trying a few things I came up with my own take on the trendy style by alternating big and small two strand twists. For this style I used; Jam extra hold, Cantu hair and scalp oil, and clear rubber bands- super easy. For the most part, this was a super easy, maybe 20-minute hairstyle.┬áThe main things to remember is to brush each section all the way through. This helps with getting definition in your twists. ┬áThis was my first time using jam since people slicked their bangs down in the early 2000s and it did a really great job at holding the hair between the twists down. It wasn’t the best for my baby hair though. My baby hair is super curly and is the struggle trying to lay down. If you don’t have the same problem this would probably be the perfect product for you.

These twists lasted about 5 days with minimal care. When I took it out it was a super cute, well-defined twist out. AKA two awesome hairstyles in one lol.

Flat Twist pig tails- tiffandcoco.com- Tiff and Coco


Flat Twists in two pony tails- Tiffandcoco.com- Tiff and Coco


Flat Twist Natural Hair Style- Tiffandcoco.com- Tiff and Coco

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’ll be honest I felt like a total bad ass rocking this look. If you try this style out make sure to share it with me so I can gas you like you deserve. For more natural hair photos follow me on the gram & subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive content. Show some love and share this post with your curl friends.

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