4 Exciting Things About Game Of Thrones Season 7

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It’s upon us, y’all. The Game of Thrones premiere is only a few weeks away, and we’re getting excited. HBO has released two trailers already and both spill a lot of tea about this season. To celebrate and satisfy our nerd-girl heart, we’ve compiled a spoiler-free preview to get you caught up. We’re talking theories, death and fashion predictions, and what’s the endgame for our favorites. Stick around ’til the end, we’ve included a few tried and true drinking games to test out this season. So refill your wine glasses and read on.

I. Fashion

Emmy-winning Costume Designer Michele Clapton is back for the series. With Michele back on the Game of Thrones set, we’re sure to see the best outfits yet. Also, take into account winter is here, which brings drama in and of itself. Expect the see some of the season’s hottest trends on our favorite conquerors and Royals. Michele has an exquisite way of blending the modern with the ancient to make this medieval fantasy truly magnificent. She often incorporates modern trends (cape, anyone?) with the preconceived expectations of medieval/ancient times. 

II. The Death Count 

Let us reiterate: there are only 13 episodes left. People have to die, they just have to. We have our own list, but #1 on that list: Littlefinger. Hands down, no way he will make it out of season 7. With Bran researching every event known to man and Arya on her way back to Winterfell, it’s only a matter of time before they find out his role in Ned’s downfall. In the latest Entertainment Weekly, Arya is pictured with Littlefinger’s beloved danger, which caused wide-spread speculation that she’ll be his demise. (Read more on that, here) We agree and can only hope there’s a Sansa-Arya death duo in the works, too.

Speaking of Arya, we think this is her Swan Song. A murder rampage until she heads out in a blaze of glory. Yara Greyjoy, The Sand Snakes, and The Red Woman are just a few more on our list. Call us crazy, but we think Cersei will escape this season with at least her life.

III. The Love Story

Now that we have confirmation of Jon Snow’s parentage, we get to learn all about Lyanna and Rhaegar. Robert’s Rebellion was in part because of the relationship between these two lovers. Ned’s brother and father were brutally murdered fighting against it. A bunch of shit went down because they wanted to bone. Nerds everywhere are hoping for a flashback to the Tourny at Harrenhall, or a possible wedding in the Riverlands. Let’s be real, anything we get will be worth it. Everyone that knows the truth is dead, so flashbacks are our only saving grace. Our prediction is a certain manipulator will show up and have more irons in the game than we thought. Chaos, after all, is a ladder.

IV. Euron Greyjoy

We love a good villain.  They downplayed the shit out of Euron last season; he’s coming back with a vengeance and taking prisoners.  If he’s anything like his book character, he’s going to rival the ruthlessness of Cersei. One of the upcoming battles talked about is a sea battle. Considering how spectacular Battle of the Bastards was shot, we can’t imagine that sort of epicness at sea. Greyjoy vs. Greyjoy. We have our predictions for who will win, but we’ll save that for another day. The actor who plays Euron Greyjoy recently stated about his character, “After this season, Ramsay’s gonna look like a little kid.” Fuck yes. 


Hopefully, this season will put a bow on some lingering questions from season’s past. Does The Red Woman being 150+ years old really influence anything? Where is Gendry, and what’s he been up to? Did Nymeria out there in a rockstar, killinWolfpackck like her stabby Stark counterpart? Is there a future between Torment and Brienne? Or what about Brienne and Jamie, for that matter? Is Jon being half-dead mean anything except his approved exit of the Night’s Watch? Will Tyrion ever finish that joke about the jackass?

Drinking Games To Play

• Everyone’s favorite, Buzzfeed, has a shot-filled list here.

 • Thrillist has an excellent tiered drinking game including drinking when Rains of Castermere plays.
(Spoiler: It’ll play a lot this year)

•If you want to be super official, here’s an older drinking game straight from HBO.



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