Hella Lessons from Insecure Season 2


Insecure season 2 has come to a close, and like many of you, I’m hella sad. Though they gave us a little life with a longer last episode I’m still in my feelings about this not being a 10 episode deal (fingers crossed for season 3). But, even though the show is over there were hella takeaways from this season that are  some definite game changers.

Get you a molly


Keeping it one thow-wow, Molly is seriously the best bff a girl could ask for. Without any hesitation, she holds Issa down unconditionally and that is so damn awesome to see. Even when Issa is fucking up and they have some friend beef, Molly is always there. Molly is also Issa’s diary, her therapist, and her partner in crime. The way they talk so openly and honestly is truly admirable. We all need someone to listen and be our shoulder when we feel like we’re spiraling. And I don’t just mean when you’ve had a bad day or you’re upset with your boss. I mean that gritty shit you’d never want anyone to know or you really can’t even rationalize yourself.

         Everyone also needs someone to laugh and share their joys with, and Molly that for Issa too. She claps for her at every success, no matter how small, and doesn’t hesitate to bring the turn up when it’s time.

          Long story short, she is the definition of a ride or die. She’ll talk reckless to you when you need it (out of love of course) but will also get the next bitch together if she tries to come for you. If you don’t have a Molly I promise you’re missing out.

Get you a Kelly


         While we’re talking about the importance of having a Molly in your tribe, let me not forget to mention that we also need a Kelly in the crew. Seriously though. Kelly is the realest. Many times we can all get caught up in our day to day grind and forget to have fun and live life outside of our perfect little boxes. I think it’s super important to have someone like Kelly around because she reminds you that life is for living. We don’t get as much of Kelly’s job and lifestyle as we do with Issa and Molly, but let’s not forget that my girl is out here. She’s honest, she’s raw, she’s hilarious. Kelly is the breath of fresh air friend that we all need in our lives.

Hoe life isn’t for everyone


         LISTEN, honey! I would never knock anyone going through a hoe phase. I’ve had a few. However, the realness of this show truly brought to light that this hoe life isn’t for everyone. Off top letting someone in your “space” like that makes it tough for anyone not to catch feelings. Any way you slice it sex is intimate and afterward, you are left feeling some type of way.

         If you’ve got your feelings in check and you’re really out here not loving these hoes, your issue will more than likely be the rotation. Neighbor bae was the prime example of this. That moment of “how dare he” as she monologues in the mirror was way too real. The audacity of him not just be sitting around waiting for her to choose him lol- unforgivable. Guys make it look so easy, but on this side of the game, at least for us regular ass awkward girls, it’s hard AF.

Dating right now is slick TRASH


         Though Issa struggled with dating because she wasn’t really ready to be over Lawrence, dating right now is definitely not on the top of any to-do lists. It’s like no one is out here trying to be serious. If you’re not down to be a hit and run or just a nigga’s “friend” there doesn’t seem to be a real place for you in the dating realm. You spend all this time making sure that you’re bringing enough to the table and focus effort on showing interest and for what?

Issa: “I gotta be cute and careful and witty and charming.” — all for a nigga to come along and waste your time.

The struggle is or has been real for everyone


         In this time when everyone is living their lives so publicly, it can too often feel like you are the only one out here struggling. The best part of this show, and honestly why I think it’s so successful, is its honest portrayal of struggle life. Many times we get black characters that are either criminal or can only be characterized as sub-human because of the amount perfection they and their lives portray. Issa, Molly, and honestly the entire cast live life in a way that everyone at some point can find relatable. Watching struggle life play out on tv in this way makes situations like checking all of your electronics for vibrator batteries, which we’ve all done don’t lie, seem less tragic and pathetic.  We’ve all had our “dick on E, bank account on E, life on E” moments. Life can be a struggle, but it’s a struggle for us all.

Tryna fill the void without  really dealing with the issues will have you fucked up


          ONE MORE TIME FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK! If you’ve taken nothing else at all from this show, please, oh please let this one sink in. This little lessons is written into to every storyline and is in almost every episode. Every character is some way is trying to cover up and/or fill their voids instead of truly dealing with what is wrong or missing, and as we all saw it didn’t work out well for anyone. If you have shit going on it your life-deal with it, head on. Trying to avoid it or act like it isn’t happening will not make it go away. Definitely, if you’re trying to fill it with sex. As we get older things get tougher, but these are the things that make us stronger. It may be easier and more fun to throw real life by the wayside and do some reckless shit, but in the long run, you’ll be paying for more than you initially signed up for. 

Sucking dick isn’t for the faint of heart

Image result for insecure jiz in eye gif

I know yal didn’t think I was just gonna let this important message go by lol. We’ve touched on this once before in 11 Lessons We Learned in Our 20s but there are some things that must be said about giving head. Guys make it seem like it’s no big deal like you’re just licking a lollipop or whatever but they don’t do it so they don’t know. Now it’s not all bad. Some women actually really enjoy it, but it can be bad if you don’t know what you’re getting into. I’ll save the graphic details for a more candid blogger, but I will for sure say that it’s not a quick endeavor and you DEFINITELY want to set your boundaries beforehand. As we saw, Issa didn’t and Daniel thought she was down for whatever. THIS IS REAL LIFE!

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