Finding A Balance Between Friendships & A Hectic Lifestyle

Understanding how to balance friendships, while embracing everything life throws at you,
isn’t the simplest task to get right.       

      Today, everyone has an erratic schedule. Whether you’re a mom of 2 with a thriving self-owned business or a single gal in the city with an unusual work schedule and constant travel plans, finding any sort balance seems impossible. As I get older and more mature in the areas of relationships, the balance between friends and career remains a tedious one. Our world is filled with being social and it’s important to take time for yourself, but we can’t neglect those we love during the process. With this influx in social highs, we are more susceptible to draining lows; an even better reason we need to keep in touch.

       Of course, we have to be honest with ourselves and what we have to offer. A worthy friendship has an irreplaceable foundation based on mutual respect and honesty. We have to be honest with ourselves and, likewise, our friends with what we can and cannot offer in a given relationship. 

       It does beg the question: is it possible to maintain healthy friendships and a hectic lifestyle? And the short answer: yes.

There should always time for the ones we love, and there are a few ways we can be better at it. 

It’s important to invest in people who understand balance is never easy and everyone is trying their best. Focus on the friendships that matter; the people that are worth it. It’s hard enough to make time for loved ones in your life, so taking time out for people who don’t matter isn’t an option. Those that encourage your growth, empowering your thinking, and keep you relaxed are the ones worth carving out time for. 

Schedule friend dates. Embrace digital catchups. Utilize social media, FaceTime, and other digital platforms to keep from missing the big moments. When you have friends scattered all over the globe, video catchups make all the difference. 

Accept that things happen, plans change. Having a group of friends who understand that last minute changes occur and good plans fall through, are worth more than anything. 

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In the end, our relationships are the defining aspect of our life. It is important that we take note of how much we tell others how we feel, and how much we invest in a relationship. Checking in with friends isn’t about checking a box; it’s once we check in with those friends that we remember a part of ourselves that we completely forgot about. 


How do you balance your friendships with everything going on?

Do you have any tips that we didn’t mention?

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