How To Spend A Girl’s Weekend In Columbus, OH

A starter guide to enjoying Columbus, Ohio.


A girls weekend is necessary in today’s world. The noise from work, relationships, and general life can be overwhelming for anyone. It gets even worse when you don’t have your support team in close proximity. Last year I got so consumed with my career that I neglected those around me, especially my dearest friends. I took them for granted, and more than that, I took their time for granted.  A few months ago, a group of college friends and I decided to make more of an effort to see and spend time together, even though we are all located in different places. We all made a concentrated effort to have a traditional, fun, and relaxing girl’s weekend.

Our first trip: Columbus, Ohio. One of my girlfriends works in Columbus so it seemed perfect to make the trip. From Knoxville, it’s only a 5-hour drive so nothing really. (When you live in a state as big as Tennessee, you appreciate a drive shorter than 9 hours). I’ve never been to Columbus, but I immediately fell in love with this town. It has so much character hidden away in bars, restaurants and shopping centers. Personally, I was surprised because I never thought of Columbus as a ‘place to visit’. But, like a lot of things, I was wrong.

Our girl’s weekend was made by the places we got to visit. The characteristic bars and quaint hangouts added the perfect atmosphere to our little getaway.

Hot Chicken Takeover 

hot-chicken-takeover-02By far one of the best chicken places I’ve ever been to. Delectable, delicious and juicy, this chicken comes in a to-go box ready for you to chow down. For reasonable prices and a lot of chicken, you can’t go wrong with an indulgence from Hot Chicken Takeover. The setup is much like your neighborhood BBQ with long tables and benches for mass sitting. You stand in line while a kind employee comes by to give you the skinny on the place, and suggests different sauces and made sure we were aware of the difference in each. After you’ve ordered and sat down, you get your food by a loud call from the kitchen. Honestly, it’s one cool ass experience. Plus, the chicken is undeniably good.

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing 


An ideal brunching spot, Wolf’s Ridge Brewery is a mimosa-filled dream. From the moment you walk in you feel cozy surrounded by eclectic southern centerpieces and petite hanging lights. This section of the restaurant is polar opposite of the brewery section, where wood benches and sunflowers litter the room. Behind the bar you see the breadth of beers brewed in house, as well as knowledgable bartenders full of suggestions. Once we were seated we all tried a bevy of drinks, including their deliciously spicy Bloody Mary. We all tried their delectable mimosas when a girlfriend’s boyfriend sweetly ordered us two bottles of champagne to celebrate. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the food arrived. Eggs Benedict is my favorite and Wolf’s Ridge Brewery did it right.

Pins Mechanial Co. 


Such a fun place! Part bar, part fun house, part day-drinking oasis; I throughly enjoyed my time at Pins Mechanical Co. The best part? Their punch pitchers! They come in a ton of different flavors and worth every sip. It’s also a family place. We saw a few birthday parties around the joint, so it’s an all purpose location. If you have a few moments or a beautiful afternoon to kill, scurry over there for some relaxing porch drinking.


Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 9.19.34 PM

For our last night, we got dolled up and went Forno. Although it’s known for its stone fire pizza, everything is absolutely divine. Forno is a contemporary cuisine masterpiece. The atmosphere was perfect for a small dinner with gal pals. We split a bottle of their amazing red wine, sampled a few strawberry shots, and vegged out on their city renowned pizza. It’s quite quaint and cozy, so I wouldn’t suggest having a party larger than 5 or 6. After we stuffed our faces, we finished off our bottles and took a wonderful walk down memory lane.

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a girl’s weekend with some of your favorite pals. Throughout the year, and especially after this past one, I’m determined to have more girly adventures in my life. While my career is important, my loved ones mean more.

Where do you go for a quick girl’s weekend?
Leave your best suggestions for a girl’s getaway below!


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