Jessi and Daron


I was recently in my first wedding, and it was truly an unforgettable experience.  My good friend Jessi, of over 10 years, tied the knot with an amazing man and their wedding was so much fun.  Before this, the last time I had attended a wedding was in my single digit years and I really don’t remember much.  When I thought about weddings all I knew was what I had seen on TV: extravagance, excessive planning, and the quest for perfection.  When I got my bridesmaid invitation in the mail I was a little worried, but to my surprise the entire process was stress free and just beautiful.


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The ceremony was held on a hot evening in Huntsville, AL at her parents’ home.  The theme was country rustic with lovely splashes of classic elegance.  The alter was a pergola draped in flowers and greenery with mason jars hanging from the top.  Under the reception tent were several tables dressed with white table cloths, flowers, and burlap.  It was honestly just a dream.


To combat the heat, the wedding program was printed on cute little fans, set out in a tin bathtub for each of the guest to take.  Guests also got to help themselves to small mason jars for lemonade and tea and white parasols for extra shade. As bridesmaids we received two really cool gifts: a necklace and earrings made of sea glass; the other was a fold over clutch by Meshka designs. Each clutch was handmade with vegan suede and vegan leather.


The whole experience was low maintenance, little fuss, and extremely classy.  The food was good, the cakes were phenomenal, and the photographers were beyond sweet.  Everyone worked really hard to make sure that Jessi and Daron were happy.  You could see it on their faces the entire night.  From the nail salon, to the bridal shower, to prepping, and final to “I do”; we all laughed and seemed to become one gigantic family.


What I love most about the whole experience was that it wasn’t about the wedding itself, but about Jessi marrying the man of her dreams and sharing that moment with all of the people she loved.  I was one of four bridesmaids.  The matron of honor was her older sister and one of her nieces was a junior bridesmaid.  Her other two nieces were flower girls, her brother and oldest nephew were groomsmen, and her young twin nephews were ring bearers. It was so beautiful to see this loving family give their daughter, sister, and aunt away to the luckiest man on earth.


I’m a little sad that one of my best friends is now hundreds of miles away, but that has nothing on how happy I am for her and her new journey.  First comes love, then comes marriage, now I’m just waiting for the babies in the carriage!

      Xoxo – Tiff

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