For “Feminists” Who Question Beyonce

  Recently, one of our Twitter followers asked our opinion on a recent Huffington Post  article calling Beyoncé’s feminism into question.  To save my friends’ timeline + address a Facebook post I saw on a topic I thought it best to take it to the blog.


Author Ellie Slee starts her piece by questioning her own faith in Beyoncé’s feminism because of her song ‘Bow Down’, where she takes a “dig at other industry successes” by calling them bitches and telling them to bow down.  I’m not sure what Slee was listening to, but was this song aimed at industry successes or hating wanna-be successes who constantly throw shade Bey’s way? Below two fellow R&B singers take jabs at Beyonce and her career.  

“Your vision cloudy if you think that you da best/you can dance/she can sing/but need to move it to the left… She need to go have some babies/she need to sit down she fake/them other chicks ain’t even worth talkin’ bout” – Keri Hilson “Turnin Me On”

 “I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always F-ckN the groove up.”- Keyshia Cole on Super Bowl performance


So it’s OK for other artists to say whatever they want, but because she’s “Beyoncé”, she is supposed to sit quietly like a lady and kill them with kindness?  Awwwok.

Next Slee goes into detail about how Beyoncé “lost the feminist game she was playing in one fell swoop”, a.k.a her Grammy performance with her husband.  Most of the controversy deals with Jay Z’s verse on her new single Drunk in Love.  If you’ve read or listened to the entire verse you realize that he’s describing them about to get it on.

What has everyone riled up though is a line where he compares himself to Ike Turner

I’m Ike, Turner, turn up

Baby no I don’t play, now eat the cake, Anna Mae

Said, “Eat the cake, Anna Mae!”

Turner, who we all know from managing and physically abusing music icon Tina Turner, is no where near the list of men I’d like my husband to compare himself to, but when used this way it’s about context.  Rap artists are know for being quite descriptive and vulgar when talking about women and sex in their music.   From Rae sremmurd to Plies to 2 Chainz women are spoken about as objects who’s goods are a man’s for the taking.

Rappers with a more clever flow like Andre 3000, Lil Wayne , + Kanye West  rap about these same sexual ideals, but do it in a way that isn’t as vulgar and off putting.

“Beat the box up like Mike (Tyson)…I’m Ike, Turner, turn up…”


He rhymes Mike with Ike, two men known for fighting and is playing on the word beat. I’m pretty sure there’s only one body part he’s talking about beating and where I’m from they don’t called that abuse (we’re all adults here).

So yeah, if he’s putting it down like he says he is, I’m sure she was all about singing that line with him.  Labeling this line a “glamourization of a marriage that requires a wife to have corrective rhinoplasty to realign a nose beaten to a pulp over a period of years” is major stretch.  The line, and the entire verse for that matter, is about sex.  It has anything at all to do with “trivializing domestic violence.”

I won’t spend too much time on this Facebook post, because I think it’s ignorant, but I do want to say a few things.


Something that got me right off top was the talk of Beyoncé prancing around “like a whore”.  I just want to point out that slut shaming is slut shaming no matter if you THINK you’re doing it for a good reason or not. Slut shaming is a huge problem in women relations and you have now made yourself part of the problem. 

The second thing is it makes me shake my head at the idea that a woman can’t be married and independent at the same time. Last time I checked not needing a man and not wanting a man are two different things. Independence is defined as “freedom from outside control or support.”  Last I checked she was making a living for herself before she was married.  Though she may love Jay and want him around, she definitely doesn’t need him to survive.


Finally please stop taking quotes out of context. People magazine asked Michelle Obama if she could be someone else who would it be and her quote was “I’d be Beyoncé. I’d be some great singer… It looks like musicians just have the most fun.” Nothing more nothing less. 

No this is not some Beyhive fan defending the queen, more a woman wanting another woman to be able to live her life.  If you think she’s a bad influence on your children and young girls, then don’t let them listen to and/or watch her.  Everyone has control over their life and household.  She can’t go into your space and force you or your young children to wear her costumes or sing her lyrics.  She is not forcing millions of people to buy her music or go to her shows.  She is a woman in charge of her life and her career, both qualities, though intimidating to many, are very admirable in my book. 

– Tiff


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