11 Life Lessons Learned In Your Twenties

Your 20’s are a bitch so let’s talk life lessons. 

Photography: Courtney Cutting

How is it already March? Of 2017? Jeez. Next Monday I’ll turn the big 2-8. TWENTY-EIGHT, YA’LL. Everyone says your twenties are the growing, building and even broken-hearted blocks of your life; I believe it. I feel like my twenties have been a lifetime. I’ve seen friends get married, have kids, get divorced, pass away, and stumble down paths they later regretted. I’ve been hired, loved, discarded, fired, empowered, vulnerable, and have failed so much in 8 years. One thing I know for sure: life’s lessons may not always be swift, but they are certain.

So let’s do this. Let’s talk life lessons you only learn in your twenties….





  1.  School really doesn’t prepare you for shit. The best experiences are found in the messes of life.
  2. Laughter will never make bad circumstances disappear, but they will give your heart a bit of happiness.
  3. Just eat the fucking cake. Seriously. And eat it for breakfast while you’re at it.
  4. Nobody ever gets it right. We’re all fucking up one way or another, so just learn how to fuck up less.
  5. Friends aren’t forever. Some really are for a season, a night or, if you’re lucky, a lifetime. But mostly a season.
  6. Traveling alone is where it’s at. Actually, doing a lot of things alone is what’s up. You are seriously your own best friend. Take special care of that relationship.
  7. Your gut is always right. Be it about guys, life choices or what type of burrito to eat – listen, listen, listen.
  8. Stop crying. A good cry is beneficial every now and then, but suck it up. The world moves too fast to be caught up in your fleeting emotions. Fix that damn crown and get on with your life, without the water works.
  9. Educating yourself is KEY. You are no longer a product of your parent’s upbringing. It’s up to you, and you alone, to navigate the world around you. By educating yourself constantly, you can almost guarantee you won’t be the douche in the corner that everyone hates.
  10. Sometimes you have more in common with those you loathe than those you love. It’s a thin line between love and hate. You can learn just as much from those you dislike than those you love.
  11. Blowjobs are a necessary evil.  And if you don’t have to give them, bravo!




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