10 Gifts Millennial Women Really Want

The holiday season is magical, humbling, and one of the most stressful times of the year. The season is filled with travels, spreading joy, and spending way more time than you’d like trying to buy good gifts. An annoying but constant part of life is listening to your family and friends say ‘It doesn’t matter.’; all the while each detail makes all the difference. Giving a good gift can be the struggle, especially for a millennial who seemingly has everything. If you don’t have a lot of disposable time to decipher your loved ones’ vague Christmas wants, we’ve compiled a few gifts to aid in your search.



If you’re anything like us, this is the perfect gift/stocking stuffer. Beauty baes love a Fenty Beauty highlighter and some Mac foundation, but can’t always justify spending those elevated prices to restock everything needed. Ask your girl what she’s out of or what shade she is, and watch her face light up when you present her with the one thing she needs. (side note this is also a great birthday come up).

Gift Cards

People always act weird about just straight up giving others money for the holidays so, if that’s you, maybe think about going the gift card route.  Gift cards are a sure fire way to ensure that she’ll get what she wants and/or what she needs. Think of her favorite stores to shop at and grab a card from there. Not sure which store? Slide through Walmart and get a prepaid Visa. Too easy.



Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. They give her a chanced to try out a few things she might not be sure about buying yet and can introduce her to things she’s never tried. If she likes the subscription she can keep it up. No? Cool, there are no strings attached after your purchase is up. If she’s a beauty lover try Birchbox. If she’s a nerdy bird check out Lootcrate.

Investment in their dream job

Write this one down because it’s super important. If your friend is a creative and/or entrepreneur of any kind then you’ve been listening to their success struggles all year. You know how hard they work. You’ve seen the struggle tears they’ve cried. You know how much they love what they do. This is your moment to show them that you’re their number one fan. Buy from them this holiday season and make sure you share that you did. If they have things that you can buy for another friend or family member, do that too. Support is a gift like no other.


We all know that birds of a feather flock together, so like you, your millennial friend is a boss bitty out here grinding. That being the case she probably doesn’t give herself enough downtime. She also probably doesn’t treat herself often. Gift ya girl a little me time and buy her a massage gift certificate. This is something she’d probably never buy for herself because she tries not to splurge, so show shawty that she deserves a break.

Speciality Tea

Listen, tea is life. And no, I’m not talking about your grandma’s Lipton classic. I’m talking about some lavender infused green tea. Or some chamomile honey goodness. If your millennial friend is tryna watch her caffeine intake, cleanse within, and find some ultimate chill, then I will bet on her being a tea drinker. There’s truly nothing like a cup right before bed while enjoying a good book or reflecting on your day. Give her the gift of peace of mind with an assortment of teas or a super cute tea steeper. Feelin real gifty? Get ya girl a specialty teapot; Target and Amazon have really great selections.



If you haven’t noticed #PlantMoms are taking over. Plenty of millennial women are sharing online how they’re practicing self-care by eating from their own gardens and building beautiful families of houseplants. Help ya girl earn some adulting points by taking care of something living lol. You can find beautiful house plants at Lowe’s and Walmart, just make sure you keep the care cards. If you’re gifting to a super newbie, succulents are a great choice. They’re very low maintenance.


After the holidays finish up everyone starts making their plans for big moves in the new year. Help her stay motivated and on track with a new planner. If you think that she already has a planner, stuff her stockings full of planner accessories. If, like us, she’s a fan of the customizable The Happy Planner it can get pretty expensive making it look exactly the way you want. Help her save and make some money with planner add ons that aid her in planning for success.

Cute home decor

Add a fun knick-knack to the shelf or help give her that picture perfect bedroom (like the ones on Blackish). Check out stores like TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, or Ross for some great signature pieces she’ll love to tell her guests about. Not sure what to get? Try something with their initials, cute vintage floral, or anything gold.


I know I’ve already deemed tea to be life, but that was because I hadn’t gotten to wine. Wine is a friend, a lover, and a confidante. It is medicine for the body and soul. Wine is there for you when you’re tryna be sophisticated AND when you’re just out here tryna be drunk and lusty. Stock her rack with a few favorites and some bottles of things she’s never tried before. She’ll appreciate you something fierce.

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