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Wow, here we are. I cannot believe it has already happened. For those of you who do not know I am the founder of the Nashville Blogging Collective. The Nashville Blogging Collective is a blogger community here in Nashville where we host social and educational events for local bloggers and creatives to network and learn how to grow their platforms.

The blogger bash is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It has been one of those things constantly in my brain, but always just out of my reach. When planning a decent size event there are so many questions that can make the whole process become overwhelming: how will I pay for this? How will I get vendors to see the value? If you build it, will they really come? And if they come how the hell will you keep them engaged?  Overwhelming, see. When I started this year, however, I made a promise to myself: this year I will either put up or shut up. So, when the opportunity came about I had no other choice but to put up.

Well here we are months later and the event has come and gone. Really all I can say is that I am damn proud of myself. This was definitely one of those dreams turned reality moments that I never thought I’d have, and am now so motivated to see again. Everything was exactly how I had imagined it if not better.

So, what the hell is the Nashville Blogger Bash? The NBB is the first in an annual tradition that I am looking to start. In all of the years I have lived in Nashville and/or surrounding areas there has never really been a major blogging event. A few years back I spoke at what was a blogger conference, but it was subpar at best. At the time I had known of many big Nashville influencers and none of them were on the bill for the event. I was honored to speak, but couldn’t believe the care hadn’t been put into to aligning the event with the influence already spreading across the city. This instantly got my wheels turning and led to the creation of the Nashville Blogging Collective followed by the Nashville Blogger Bash.

When putting this event together I always knew that my focal point would be the panel. I, of course, wanted everyone to have a great time, but the most important part for me was to create an honest and refreshing educational experience. If nothing else, I wanted my guest to leave feeling that they had gained and learned something, not just had a good time.














Selecting the right panelist took quite some time, but I am forever indebted to the ladies who decided to take a chance with me. They did an AMAZING job. They were funny, candid, and upfront about what they’ve done to gain and keep their success. The audience was truly captivated and even had more questions after the 14-15 we went through were done. Thank you so much Ngozi Rollins,  Greta HollarLena Jones , and Faryn Van Dyke.

Along with our panel, we also had the brands on deck. Juwon Enamel set up a beautiful station where guests could learn about their cruelty- free, long wear polishes and get their

nails done. I was so happy to get to call on my boo, Dr. Beauty  to help out with this event. He and his team put a new spin on the traditional lipstick bar by introducing the L.I.P (Living in Purpose) Bar. Not only did he give our girls a little lip pop, but he allowed them to share with him how they were living in their purpose. This, for me, was right on time because purpose is the collective’s theme for the month.  Our final onsite vendor was Sukhino Designs. Listen, mama has so many beautiful things. It really blew me away. She also has the most beautiful curls and they were dyed blue. If people weren’t stopping to talk about her products they were definitely asking about her hair.


While mingling and visiting our onsite sponsors, guests sipped on refreshing cocktails from BlackLeaf Vodka. They provided two delicious signature drinks, both made with fresh ingredients, adding some new favorites to our summer drink list. I personally enjoyed the lavender drink, but as you can see the crown didn’t side with me on that. I think it was because the mind drink was stronger lol.

In addition to alcoholic refreshments, Mimi Jo’s and Sucre shared some of their specialties with us. Mimi Jo’s provided several different delicious blends of gourmet Southern fruit. The peach was my personal favorite and Nerissa sent me home with a half a gallon *Bless Up*.  Sarah from Sucre also show up and showed out. She bakes us a full assortment of delicious cupcakes and cookies. She even made sugar cookies with our logo on them. I cried.

Though all of those things were fun and very special to me, my favorite part of the event was the Go Bonanza photo booth. I was a little afraid that we weren’t going to be able to do it, but Braden is amazing and came through on everything. The lighting on the booth was spectacular and all of the interactive filters made group shots the Book him guys seriously!!

As guests were leaving we hit our first 10 ticket buyers with a special thank. With the help of our gift bag sponsor  Valerie Boutique as well as Omni Massage & Beauty Bar,  Pretty Wicked Scents,  Makes Cents Jewelry,  ShyGirl’s Wold Inc  we were able to do a fully loaded gift bag that guests had to hold with two hands.

Overall my heart is so full. I received so much love and positive feedback from this event. This really lets me know that I am on the right track and I am doing what I need to have the life that I have dreamed of. It’s scary and exciting at the same time.

If you’re in the Nashville area fwm and join the collective. We have so many more great things coming your way. If you’re not in the areas show us some love by sharing this post and following us on the gram. I would greatly appreciate it.

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