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Getting our face on beat for the low low.
We’re sharing why the NYX contour kit is our favorite.

NYX Cream Contour & Highlight Palette- Tiff and Coco- Tiffandcoco.com


If you’re a blog regular you know that we preach budget beauty all the time. I’ve watched so many videos on Youtube where vloggers get beat with MAC, Marc Jacobs, Lancome and other makeup brands that are just a little too rich for my blood. I own MAC foundation, but honestly, I only wear it for special occasions. So, when I’m on my day to day grind and still need to give some face NYX gets the job done.


NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette- Tiff and Coco- Tiffandcoco.com

My go-to products to get this face right are the Highlight & Contour Pro Palette (powder) and the Cream Highlight & Contour Palette. The cream contour palette keeps it simple with only two shades. I use the darkest color for contour and the light to highlight. For the powder, I use the yellow toned powder for highlight and the darkest brown for contour.

I highlight first, starting under my eyes with a triangle shape. I work one eye at a time so that the concealer/highlight doesn’t have time to dry before I blend it in. After I worked the product under my eye I add a line down the nose and three on the center of my forehead. I pat each of these sections in and then cover all of the highlighter with the yellow powder. I pack the powder on pretty heavy so everything will set evenly without creases. 

Next, I work the contour cream into the areas needing shadow; under my cheek bones, the outer portions of my forehead, under my chin, and the sides of my nose. I used a contour brush for the cream and an angled brush for the powder contour.

Bake Bake Bake–then I brush all of the excess away with a large powder brush.
Highlight and Contour- Tiff and Coco- Tiffandcoco.com NYX Highlight and Contour- Tiff and Coco- Tiffandcoco.com

Inside scoop:

Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

  • Palette costs $25
  • Lighter skinned people may use multiple pans, but I only used two. The rest were too light
  • The yellow pan is not as pigmented as it appears
  • Pans can be purchased individually for $5 (HOLLA)

Cream Highlight & Contour Palette

  • Palette costs $15
  • Purchased in deep
  • Contour color is great for an everyday slay
  • Highlight is a little light (I mix it with fawn by LA girl to make it a little more brown)
  • Shimmer highlight (middle strip) doesn’t really do anything at all

NYX Highlight & Contour Palette Tutorial- Tiff and Coco- Tiffandcoco.com NYX Highlight & Contour Tutorial- Tiff and Coco- Tiffandcoco.com NYX Cream Highlight & Contour Tutorial- Tiff and Coco- Tiffandcoco.com

If you’ve used either of these palettes share your experience with me below. Also feel free to tag me in your beat on the Gram so I can hit you with a “yaasss queen”.

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