Obama Farewell

A final dance with the Obamas before I cry for the rest of 2017



It has been hard for me to make myself sit down and write this because I have been so overcome with emotions. For as long as time would allow I have been pretending that it isn’t happening, but as the rest of the world prepares to swear in a new president I must face the facts. I am not here to make mention of the new “man” set to take the Oval Office nor will I speak ill of his family and/or board members. Though that may come in a later post, I’m here today only to pay homage to a family who brought so much love and happiness to the United States that it feels like losing kin saying goodbye today.

I remember laying in my dorm bunk back in 2008 anxious about the presidential outcome. I laid there waiting for hours thinking about how life changing this all could be. As the final count came in, a celebration broke out in the hallway. Screams came from everywhere, followed by My President is Black- Young Jeezy, but I couldn’t move. Numbed with joy, I couldn’t help but internalize just how big this moment was. It was an honor and privilege to have my first vote be a part of making history.   I couldn’t do anything but cry.

I know many people will never agree with your political position as the president, but as a man and the face of this great nation you brought change to the definition of blackness and hope to men, women, and children who have never seen a representation of themselves so high in the world. You were kind. You were poised. You were charming. And you were brave.

Not only did you open yourself up to us and allow us to put a microscope on your life (and for some dumb fools your birth certificate) you shared your family with us. We got to watch your beautiful daughters grow into women and you wife blossom into a graceful, immaculately dressed, kind-hearted queen.


Can I just take a moment for Michelle, please?

Michelle, you are a phenomenal woman. I know many women, young and old, who smile a little brighter and hold their heads a little higher because of you. As the first lady, you created a space for yourself that allowed you to be both fierce and fabulous. Not only did you grace the covers of countless magazines for your amazing wardrobe, but you championed education rights for girls across the world and helped shine a light on childhood obesity. Turnip for what? Turn up for you + all your glory.

As a still budding woman myself, you inspire me. With love, you’ve held your family tight and brought the world’s children in as if they were your own. With strength you’ve dealt with every stressful, public moment of being the first lady- chin raised, focusing only on solutions. With grace, you won the hearts of millions and reciprocated that love in the work you did for the nation. You’ve made some many women proud.

I could go on for days about the amount of joy, hope, and acceptance the Obama legacy has brought to the lives of so many people. From the beginning of your presidency, you and your wife so graciously opened the White House up to the entire world making us all feel a part of the change that was to come. Never in my life have I seen so many kids want to dress up as the president and first lady, until you. Never have I seen so many black men take pride in themselves and recognize their potential, until you. Never I have seen so many young people invested in change, until you. For that, you will forever hold a valuable place in the hearts of many Americans, especially me.

Thank you for showing me black love, black success, black family, black intelligence, black sustainability, black resilience, black comfort, black humility, black confidence, black patients, and black excellence. I am forever changed.

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Some of my favorite Obama moments over the years










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First family don’t leave me, PLEASE




  1. Jasmean
    January 26, 2017 / 2:52 am

    This was such a beautifully written piece!!! Everything said are my exact sentiments. As a fellow woman, the ode to Michelle was well deserved and expressed as graciously as she is. I got so emotional reading it. I feel like this should’ve been front page on the times for everyone to see because it’s so perfect and so humbling. Great job! ♡

    • January 26, 2017 / 11:35 pm

      Thank you!! Your comment means alot to us. The Obamas leaving is really tough. They did alot and meant alot to so many people.

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