Perfected Wash and Go Routine

Alleviate your wash-and-go fears with this easy routine.


What’s up  beauty babes! I’m back again.   This time I come to you with much excitement about my latest natural hair triumph.  After many attempts I have finally mastered the wash and go, and I am so in love with it.  Like many naturals I was deceived by the name and really thought I was going to be able to just wash my hair and walk out of the house.  That is hardly the case.  I’ll keep it real with you, this look took tons of product and quite a bit of time.

What I used:

Moptop cowash

Carol’s Daughter pomade

ORS Curls unleashed curl cream

Eco Styler gel

Botanical Spirits Avocado Coconut Milk Butter


Spray bottle of water


The first step in creating this look was to wash my hair. I’m still very pleased with the Moptop brand cowash so I decided to use that. While washing I made sure to work my fingers down and through my strands to remove shedding and lightly detangle.

After washing I added a generous amount of Botanical Spirits Avocado Coconut Milk Butter ( I swear by this stuff) from root to tip.  Next, I separated my hair vertically down the middle and put one side in a pony tail while I worked on the other.

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Working with the loose side of my hair I split it into three even sections.  I twisted two of the sections together while I worked on the third.

Starting at the bottom I used my spray bottle to wet hair (get it pretty soaked).  Next, I added a small amount of pomade paying close attention to the tips. Last, I added generous amounts of curl cream then gel.  When adding each of these products I made sure to do some finger detangling to ensure that each strand was covered in product.

After all of the product is in, it’s a waiting game. It took about 5 hours for my hair to completely dry.  Every now and then while I was waiting I would tug on my hair to help retain length.

When my hair was barely damp I shook my head like crazy and worked a pick through my roots to add body.

Voila! Very simple but it definitely took a lot of time and patience. What I’ve noticed since trying it again is that the smaller the sections you work with the more defined your curls will be.

Have you tried a wash and go on your natural hair? Share your success story below. Follow me on Instagram for more natural hair photos and chat with us on Twitter for daily tips. If you would like a video let me know in the comments.

Clean, Clear Complexion-Nashvile,TN-

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