4 Winter Trends To Build Into Your Wardrobe

 A few sustainable winter trends to incorporate into your wardrobe.


There’s no doubt in my mind that this season is the fan favorite. It’s the season for layers, warm drinks, and endless cuddles. And for me, it all boils down to the abundance of clothing I can wear at one time. Is it just me, or do the colder seasons lend themselves to the stylish? While my style palette gets a revamp around this time, my wallet weeps a bit. Fashion trends explode in the wintertime and it’s costly to keep up and, especially if you’re buying luxury.

Every trend seems like the next big thing, unfortunately misleading many consumers to splurge on pieces that will be out of season immediately.  At any given time, I can think of 12 things of importance to invest in, beside the trendiest, puffiest coat that I can’t even wear because the south doesn’t get cold enough. Call it maturity, call it evaluating my ROI, but my tolerance for spending money on bullshit shrinks every day.

Every trend doesn’t have to break the bank.  You can get the look and stay within your budget, at the same damn time. With these 4 winter essentials, you’ll have the keys to make any outfit double-tap worthy.




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Teddy Coat

You’ve probably seen this everywhere and thought: why would I buy that? For starters, it’s one comfortable buy. Teddy coats are a quick and easy way to style up your casual outfit. You can pair this with slim-fit joggers and a basic tee; it can also be thrown over a satin maxi and over knee boots for a cozy, sexy feel. One of my favorite ways to style this trend is with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a loose sweater, and loafers. Smart yet snug, which is arguably my signature style.

Oversized Sweater

Name a fall season where an oversized sweater isn’t a trend item?

Yeah, I can’t either.

Year in and year out, the chunky sweater the most consistent staple in your wardrobe. This could be a smart investment piece if you want to splurge on superior fabric like cashmere.

Since this is such a cold weather staple, retailers like Walmart actually have a good selection of sweaters and jumpers. Of course, you can also shop at Target or Marshall’s to find budget-friendly sweaters, too.

If you want ones that are more on trend, I recommend retailers like Forever 21, TopShop or H&M. A super cheap resource: guy friends/boyfriends. Inevitably they have sweaters in the back of the closet that they’ve outgrown or aren’t fond of anymore. Raid that shit and covet some goodies.

The exaggerated sleeves, the loose fit, and the draping are perfect for this season’s trendiest sweater style.

Investment tip: If you find the women styles too binding or uncomfortable, buy men’s. I really enjoy men’s sweaters because of the broadness of my shoulders. You can find an abundance of great styles from retailers like Express.

Over Knee Boots

I have to admit, initially, I was not a fan of this trend. Over knee boots were more tacky than stylish in my opinion and I couldn’t find a reason for them in my closet. Those opinions quickly changed with my first corporate position. That’s when I noticed how effortless chic a good pair of boots can be, and how much it can elevate a casual outfit. This is a newer trend but I don’t expect it to fade away soon. The versatility of this trend will keep it fresh and relevant.

You can literally make this boot work for any time,  day or night. A slight work slay, a sexy date night, or a fun girl’s trip to the mountains – it works for every occasion and for every person. One of my favorite pairings involves high-waisted jeans, a slouchy sweater, leather jacket, and loose-fit boots.


Leather Leggings

Hand to God, I don’t understand why more women don’t have leather leggings. The silhouette is magnificent and the versatility is endless. It screams cool girl, but believe me – anyone can pull these off. When you slip on a pair of leather leggings, the style factor immediately skyrockets. Not to mention, they are comfortable as fuck.

You can find a ton of styles for great prices, especially with all the year-end sales approaching.



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