Why You Should Be Renting This Summer

Wedding Don’t Have To Break Your Bank.

Not to hype myself too much but I’m the consummate wedding guest. I’ve been to 9 (10 in October!) in the past 3 years, making me somewhat of a wedding regular. I can fix a hemline with tap and always carry an extraordinarily long list of hangover remedies. One area that’s been a recent struggle: my wardrobe. In the era of #OOTD and constantly being photographed, you can never have too many options. That’s where Rent the Runway comes in.

Rent the Runway is a lifesaver, point blank. With a collection of beautiful dresses that suit absolutely every occasion, it can be overwhelming on your first go-round. Quite literally, any style you want is available and ready to rent. The second I laid eyes on this dress, I knew it was perfect for me. The ruffles, the high-low hemline, the off-the-shoulder silhouette; it was literal perfection.



I was skeptical of the business like I am most things, so I did a lot of research after my first rental. Founded by a pair of girlbosses, RTR is layered in elements designed to empower and help women. Save money, time, and the planet; that’s the mission of RTR. Since they’ve started this company, it has expanded to casual and everyday wear. The women started a renting revolution, and we are all witnessing it.

Like most of us know, personal style is an immediate expression of one’s self. The way you feel is 9/10 the way you dress, and a wedding is just a more formal venue for that expression. This company allows women (and men!) to express themselves on a budget and without shopping remorse. Beautiful, couture gowns available to anyone with a credit card and bit of disposable cash. And it no longer takes an unlimited income supply to dress in designer clothes. As a believer in accessibility in fashion, I am a huge fan of this.

I can’t bring myself to go back, either. Sustainability is a huge thing in fashion right now, and what can be more sustainable than renting your clothes? One Instagram photo after the next, you can constantly switch it up without being irresponsible. Even as I write about it, I’m thinking about all the things I want to rent. Newbie fashion lovers, old vintage collectors – everyone can find a place here.

We can all have the life we dream of and, for me, that starts with my wardrobe. RTR is a powerful tool in fashion and changing the landscape every day. The focus of the brand is quite admirable. Every tool offered is intentional and purposeful. A brand that values their customers will always be key in my book.  And I can’t deny it, I can never deny a couple of girl bosses.


What’s your experience with RTR?

Are you loyal, or have you never given it a go?


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