RiRi, Harry Potter, + All That Other Shit

Five things bringing joy to the kid this week. 


Hogwarts Mystery

Obsessed is definitely what I’m calling my feels toward this game right now. Besides Fight List there hasn’t been a game on my phone since Candy Crush was super poppin. This game, however, has me hooked.  The fact that it’s Harry Potter is definitely a huge part of its appeal, but PortKey really did a good job of making me feel like I am a whole Hogwarts student. You learn charms, you cast spells, AND you get to roam the school halls getting into mischief in true Harry Potter fashion. It’s lit go download it.

Rihanna at the Met Gala

Riri being bae is literally no surprise at all, but it is for sure a blessing to soul everywhere. She seriously looked like a dream. I appreciate that she goes the extra mile to give us life and inspiration by way of originality and authenticity. She is so her that it’s sickening. The details, the extraness, the sexiness- her whole look just made me so inspired to fck some shit up this summer.

Dear White People

To be honest, I thought that the majority of the season was boring. I was really excited for it to come back on and I thought I was going to binge watch the whole thing, but it wasn’t like that at all. The last few episodes, however, grabbed me tight. Though Troy growing up and finding himself wasn’t really for me, I appreciated finally seeing some realness and vulnerability from Sam. I needed her to be a real person. Stone cold Sam is bad ass but the front was getting too hard to swallow. There were a few decent monologues this season that hit on important parts of culture, black identity, and relationships but hands down Tess Thompson bodied them all. She really gave me a little faith that next season will be phenomenal.

This is America

A true creative genius, Donald Glover (Childish Gambino)  dropped some new visuals this past week that had the internet going crazy. In today’s time of over-analysis and heated race relations, This is America has A LOT of people talking and, to me, that is the beauty of it. The video is layered with encrypted messaging, symbolism, and strong cultural call outs that social media critics couldn’t wait to express their point of view. While I’m not interested in formulating my own analytical essay I appreciate that the video has created a conversation. To me, that is what good art is supposed to do.

Frequency by Jhene Aiko

I have had this song on repeat all week long. With my laundry list of todos because of upcoming events I have been searching for consistent peace of mind and minimal anxiety. This song, for me, is like watching the ocean. It brings tranquility to me no matter where I am.

Well, peeps, those are my favorites for the week. Be sure to drop your thought below so that we can discuss. Be on the lookout for favorites every week! Like, share, + follow. Be blessed! ✌🏾

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