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Health- Nashville TN- Tiff and Coco

My journey to get healthy has been such a personal experience for me. It has been hard for me to share this with anyone because I haven’t really been able to explain how I’ve been feeling. Losing weight and getting healthy has been something I know I’ve needed to do, but it’s taken a lot of pride swallowing to actually start some action.

How it started

Back in March my aunt passed away. It was a very painful time for me and for my family because she passed just days before the anniversary of my grandmother’s death.  Though it was a sad time there was a little joy found in being around my family and reconnecting with them.  I have a few cousins that have been “away” for awhile, and my aunt’s funeral was the first time I’ve seen them in about 10 years. Though I felt like I barely knew them seeing their faces brought back memories of my childhood and how I idolized them. I was overjoyed to see them.  Their reaction to me however was more surprise than of joy. Immediately the questions about my weight rolled in.

“Damn what have you been eating?” “Tiff you’ve never been this big” These are direct quotes, I couldn’t make this stuff up. It takes a lot to hurt my feeling and this really made me want to cry. No one asked me about work or how life had been treating me. For hours I filtered questions about my diet and lack of exercise.

Fast forward

So after I shut down my pity party and really sat myself down, I realized that I truly have let all of this get out of hand.  In the mist of all my battles I forgot to take care of myself. Looking in the mirror the person I see is not me.  Though they were VERY insensitive about it, they were right.

Health 3- Nashville TN- Tiff and Coco


With realizing that things had gotten out of hand I also had to realize that things had to change.  Step one was accepting where I’m at.  I’m not happy in this space, however this is the space I’m in for now.  I can’t not smile because I don’t want people to see both of my chins. Step two is making the changes.  Ya know, eating better, drinking hella water, and exercising (dun dun dun).

So far eating has been the easiest part. I’ve been meal and snack prepping pretty hardcore.  The water drinking hasn’t been bad either.

Health 1- Nashville TN- Tiff and Coco

Since you all are my favorites I’m asking you to rock with me through my journey.  Here I’ll share it all- the good, the bad, and ultimately my triumph (yeah that’s right I’m claiming it).

From my journey I hope you can find more confidence than me to say “fuck you” to anyone who feels they have the right to comment on your body + also the confidence to love yourself enough to live a healthy life.  Stay tuned for recipes + I’m sure I’ll post some workout struggles.

Health- Nashville TN- Tiff and Coco

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