Salmon Burger with Mango Salsa

Not overindulging during barbecue season isn’t for the faint of heart


healthy salmon burger- tiff and coco-

Barbecue season is here and if your family and friends are anything like mine, then the grill has ben POPPIN. With that being said it can be hard to stay on track when no one in your circle is interested in finding healthy alternatives for greasy, fatty foods. Recently, I took my first trip to New Orleans and, just like you’ve heard, the food is amazing. Eating all of that good food made me think of some of the delicious, healthy ways to take some of the fat off the grill without losing the flavor. What I came up with is a mouth

What I came up with is a mouth-watering southwest salmon burger with mango salsa. If you’ve taken a look at any of my food posts before, then you know that mango salsa is my jam peep it in this fish taco recipe). Salmon is slowly becoming my jam too, so stay tuned for more recipes.

Mango salsa- tiff and coco-

What you’ll need: 

2 medium sized salmon filets

3 tbs corn

3 tbs black beans

salt, pepper, oregano, thyme, rosemary, chili powder, parsley

1 egg

1/3 bell pepper

1/2 poblano pepper

Mango Salsa

1.5 ripe mango


1/2 poblano pepper

3/4 bell pepper

1/3 yellow onion

salt & pepper to taste

mango salsa recipe- tiff and coco-

So typically I would make the salsa the day before I would make the main dish. This gives it a chance for the mango to juice and all of the flavors to mix. I promise it’s so much better the next day versus eating it fresh.The salsa is super simple. You want to make sure that the mango is ripe. Do this by pushing or squeezing on it. Once it’s ripe to your liking slice it and

The salsa is super simple. You want to make sure that the mango is ripe. Do this by pushing or squeezing on it. Once it’s ripe to your liking slice it and peel the skin off. I’ve found it’s easiest to slice it like you would an apple. You can use a spoon to scoop the insides away from the peel. I do as much slicing and peeling as I can over the bowl to now lose any juice. Or, I use a cutting board with raised edges so that I can pour the juice when I’m done.

Once the mango is chopped up I begin cutting up the veggies. There’s no rhyme or reason to it really. I like my salsa pretty chunky so I cut quickly and throw everything into a bowl. The last step is to add salt and pepper, mix everything together,  and stick it in the fridge.

delicious mango salsa- tiff and coco-

On to the burger:

I used frozen salmon filets because that is what I had in the house, but you can definitely use fresh ones if they have them at your local grocery. I defrosted the two filets and used a large knife to chop each up finely. My aim was to get them to resemble ground meat as much as possible so that everything would blend together.

salmon burger recipe- tiff and coco-

Next, I put the chopped meat in a bowl and worked on the other ingredients. Once the meat was chopped I cut up the bell and poblano peppers. I tried to keep the chunks small but still pretty square so that they would add some texture but not stick out too much. When it came to the seasoning I’ll be honest I’m not a measurer. I love my salmon super herby so I took the same approach with the salmon burgers. I mixed it in with my hands (clean of course) and just made sure that I could see everything with every mix and flip I made.

homemade salmon burger- tiff and coco-

Once the seasonings were mixed into my likings I added in the beans and corn. I measured these two out because I didn’t want to overload the burger. These two ingredients give the burger its southwest flair, but if you’ve ever had black beans then you know that they can take over. Three tablespoons of each seemed to be the perfect amount to make sure everything was evenly distributed. For the final prep step, I worked the mixture into three balls and allowed them to sit in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

salmon burger- tiff and coco-

When the hour was up I put each of the balls on the George Foreman grill and sat back drooling at the aroma. It only took a few minutes and dinner was ready to go. To serve I heated up a Birds’ Eye steamable, plated my burger, and loaded the mango salsa right on top. Super delicious and super filling.

southwest salmon burger- tiff and coco-

When you try the recipe make sure you hit me up and let me know how it tasted. If you have another salmon burger recipe drop it in the comments & share the wealth.

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