A Simple Skincare Routine For Winter

Time for a winter change?
Add these items to your winter skincare routine.


It’s taken me quite some time to get a routine together. This year the weather played me hard and forced me to buckle down a daily skin care routine. Skincare is something that can get out of control if you’re not careful. Even though I try to abide by the normal rules (don’t go to bed with makeup on; apply moisturizer daily; make sure to apply a mask every now and then), a foundational skincare routine was needed.


L’OREAL Clay Mask

Seriously, I’ve never used a mask with better results.  The L’Oreal Clay Mask (and it’s corresponding sisters) are must-haves for dry weather. And it’s only $10.  You use it 3x a week and for only 15 minutes. You can see it purifying your skin.  Seems like using it more than 3x a week can be too much for your skin with the dry weather.

Under-Eye Patches

You know the best places to score cheap, quality eye patches? TJ Maxx. I shit you not. You can get a handful of great eye patches at more than affordable prices. If you’re not using an eye patch, you’re neglecting an extremely easy step in amazing skincare. I put mine on while watching Vanderpump Rules or catching up on emails before bed. 



Marcelle 3-In-1 Cleanser

This is a great product for sensitive skin. The Marcelle 3-IN-1 does an amazing job of cleansing without drying.  I use to be an avid user of  Biore acid toner, but it left my skin patchy and dry. It’s been awhile since I used an acid toner, but I adore this one from Marcell. It leaves my skin feeling clean without drying it out. It’s not too harsh like other big brands. I don’t find myself applying an excess of moisturizer to balance it out, either.

Thermal Spring Water

Who needs water in a hairspray can to ‘revitalize’ their face? The answer would be me – I do. Yes – this is the most, but it works so well. Thermal Spring Water is  I first encountered this as a sample product from Birchbox, but now I’m in love. Thermal water contains minerals and nutrients that are key for great skin. The mission of thermal water is to enhance the properties of your skin, not coat over them or produce different ones. I suggest everyone try it once, especially if you have dry skin. I spray this on before I apply makeup as it helps keep it smooth. Dry skin is my archnemesis in the winter time, so I love finding ways to combat it.

Skin + Co Serum

Serum is such an understated skincare product. I’ll admit I am super late the game, but at least I’m here. Serum is a skincare product you can apply to your face after cleansing but before moisturizing. It delivers powerful ingredients directly into your skin. Skin + Co is the perfect blend of lightweight formula and a powerful punch of nutrients.



What products do you use in your daily routine?
Any suggestions on a routine? Leave your thoughts below! 

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