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Tired of spending so much money on beauty products? Well, what if I told you you could make your own right at home.  Yes, at home! Keep reading to get the scoop on quick and  easy diy products to help you stack some cheese and avoid those checkout lines.

Makeup brush cleaner: dish washing liquid and evoo 

This is my favorite way to clean my brushes.  I haven’t bought brush shampoo or any brush care products (with the exception of guards) in a while.  If you have a lot of brushes there’s no super quick way to clean them, but this is one of the best ways to get all of the makeup out while keeping their integrity.  First,  grab a bowl and cover the bottom with dish washing liquid and extra virgin olive oil (about 2:1).  Use your first brush to mix the two together.  Next, rub the brush back and forth of the palm of your hand.  Eventually you’ll begin to see all of the dirt coming out.  Repeat this process with the rest of your brushes washing your hand in-between.  When the brushes are sudsy take them to the sink and rinse them off.  Lay each brush on a towel while you clean the others.  When all the brushes are rinsed place a brush guard on them and stand them upside down in a cup to let any access water drip off.

Detangler: evoo, vitamin e,water, and leave in conditioner

Tangled hair be gone.  Fill a spray bottle mostly with water.  Next in the bottle add a few tablespoons of each of the oils.  I use a 6oz bottle so I use two tablespoons and a squirt of leave-in.  I like to add the water first and then top it off if needed, but that’s just me. I typically detangle in the shower right after rinsing out my conditioner.  I also use this mixture as a little mid-week revival when my hair is feeling dry.

Eye makeup remover :vitamin e, evoo, water

Fill a bottle with water a little under the neck and then just add in a few drops of vitamin e and a little evoo.  For this I’ve been reusing an old makeup remover bottle and I honestly don’t measure.  It should definitely be more watery than oily. I love this mix because there’s no sting for your eyes and it’s a little added moisturizing for you face.  Wash your face after using.

Lip Exfoliant: brown sugar, white sugar, honey, olive oil

Mix 1 tbsp of both sugars and honey with a half a tbsp. of olive oil.  This I like to make and use when I’m traveling so I don’t leave my products somewhere.  You can buy mini twist top containers in the travel section of Walmart to store it in (that’s what I use).  I love this exfoliate because after using it my lips are soft and hydrated.  To remove just wipe with a wet cotton ball.

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