4 Style Essentials For Your Next Flight


I think it’s safe to say, we all love the idea of traveling. Taking a break from your normal everyday life to jet off with a friend to a magical place where responsibilities are far and few between. Sounds like your winter dream, huh? There’s always a part of traveling that sneaks up on you and hits you square in the face: packing.

Finding the best way to travel can be a pain in the ass, there’s no doubt about it. I learned from experience (and my jet-setting mother) how to travel in an efficient, comfortable yet stylish manner. The #1 thing to focus on when traveling is layers. You can always take off, but you can’t make bundle up with clothes you don’t have. By using light and flexible fabrics, you eliminate the concern for being too cold or too hot.  With these 4 essentials you will have a safe and stylish flight, for sure! 




Comfortable shoes. Too many times I see women in uncomfortable heels when boarding a plane and always have to ask myself, why? There’s nothing I want more than flat shoes when I’m strutting around the airport, so I can’t fathom being in 2 – 6 inch heels the entire time, especially when flying more than 2 hours. My go-tos are almost always a pair of Converses, (color varies, of course). Any sort of Van, espadrilles, ballet flat or sneaker is something I would rock on a flight. If it’s a particularly long flight, it might call for my baby pink Jordans. If you need a professional touch to your ensemble, go with some pointed flats or loafers.

Backpack or Shoulder Bag. One thing I chuck when traveling is a purse – I simply can’t stand them. There’s never enough room in my purse for all the things I need to keep me occupied, so I tend to opt for a messenger bag or backpack. I saw this quilted bag at Target that looked straight off the Chanel runway, so I had to get it! Go for some simple and neutral, that way there’s no limitation to what you can wear it with.



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Joggers. If there’s anything I suggest more is to travel in joggers. Outside of being one of the most comfortable styles of pant, they are so freeing and flexible. I have to admit I was introduced to the jogger game a bit late, but am a fan nonetheless. My favorite ones are from Express. They are flexible around my hips and have a zip-up at the bottom so I can make the leg thinner or wider at my pleasure.

A hat (or a hooded shirt).  I suggest to always pack something to put over your head. You have worried too much about your hair for it be to ruined by rain, snow or whatever else may come your way. Plus, what if it’s freezing on the plane, or your layover is delayed in a freezing building? If anything, shirts with hoods tend to look cooler and less put-together. Rock a jacket over it for a layered, fun look.



Traveling should be less about what you’re wearing and more about where you’re going, but who really adheres to that? Hopefully these tips help you pack lighter + more efficient for your next adventure. You can shop my exact look below, but I also plugged some other style pieces. Enjoy, flight birds!

What do you travel with?

Where do you plan on traveling in 2016?

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