Suede Boots In The Park

Change isn’t always pretty.
Unless it’s these suede boots perfect for winter. 



Change is upon us, folks.  The fashion industry, like much else, is due for a change. We’ve seen it slowly over the past few years. Subtle changes in leadership at fashion and editorial fashion powerhouses provided small hints.  It’s a fun time for fashion. I could be a bit bias; my generation is finally feeling out the ranks. Our innovative ideas are truly getting the attention they deserve. I’m thrilled to see young designers, creators, models, and influencers flourish in this new era.


Fashion is not a tame thing. It’s fluid, Your personal style is meant to be a combination of trends and what you like. It’s about the silhouettes you feel beautiful in, the fabrics you feel free in, and the colors you feel alive in. Your personal style says so much about you – make sure it’s saying the right thing.

Winter is the time to bundle up. That doesn’t mean you need to be boring. Layers, light coats, and sweaters are perfect foundations for a stylish winter wardrobe. Winter is the perfect time to be fashionable while maintaining a certain je ne sais quoi. This season is the perfect time to experiment with your style.




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