The Bestie Relationship

 Around this time everyone is talking about their boo. It’s super close to Valentine’s Day so the only relationship anyone is really focused on is the one with their significant other.  It’s an endless gushfest of gifts, photo collages, and lengthy Facebook statuses.  So while everyone is enchanted with their rose-colored glasses I’m here to make sure you don’t forget about the original bae. Yeah, that’s right, this one’s for your bestie. Your the greatest and here’s why.


1. She gets you. Other’s look at you like a nut sometimes, but she already knows what’s up. She knows all of your quirks and weird habits and, shoot, even shares a few. You’re “unique” and she wouldn’t have you any other way. 


2. Yap yap yappity yap! When the two of you are together there’s always something to talk about.  Shoes, boys, people from high school, tv, work; the list could go on for days…just like your conversations. 


3. When your life feels like a complete joke and nothing is going right; she’s there.  No one pep talks like bestie!



4.  She knows all your little dirty secrets and they stay secrets. She also knows your awful embarrassing mistakes, and those stay secrets too.


5. When you’re completely tired of the same old lame boys she’s right there with you bashin and slashin.  boys_ew


6. She’s seen how you eat in real life and doesn’t judge.despicable-me


7. When you and bestie go out you never have to dance alone.  She’s always right there next to you raising the roof, and if she has to she’ll act like your girlfriend to keep the creeps away. 



8. When yals jam comes on the radio there’s no need for words; just TURN IT UP!!


9. When someone’s effed up and it’s time to ride you already know who to call.  Bestie plays no games so other girls beware. tumblr_mhgqp4UyYf1rz3neeo3_r1_250


10. At the end of the day, no matter what she has your back.  It’s nice to know you always have someone to count on even when it feels like the world is against you.



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