Top 10 Beyonce’s to be for Halloween

We can all look back and remember a time when we wanted nothing more than to be a princess. From Jasmine to Belle, we had the puffy dress, tiara, and clicky shoes on deck ready to serve dress up looks and Halloween slayage.

Now that we’re grown, it’s only right that our princess dreams have glowed up into queen aspirations. And, if we had to pick any queen to be why the hell would we pick anyone besides Beyonce.

Without question, Queen Bey has given us some of the most iconic looks in R+B history. More than just a trendsetter, mama finds inspiration from all over the world to create outfit combinations and video imagery that your fave could NEVER!

It took a lot of time to narrow our favorites down to just 10, but we did. We also found a few helpful hacks to help you recreate these amazing Beyonce looks this Halloween.

Upgrade You

“I hear you be the block, but I’m the lights that keep the streets on…” This year we’ve been amped behind how much shit Beyonce talks on the new Everything Is Love album but, in all honesty, she’s been talking that talk for a min. Though the whole video is filled with nothing but boss bitch vibes, this white two-piece pantsuit takes it to another level. Fur collar, huge hoop earrings, & cleavage- she giving us “this my boardroom baby, and what??” BUT WAIT! The piece de resistance is definitely the huge, super dramatic, side braid ponytail. This right here is the mother of that flirty Formation Tour pony we all love so much.

Why Don’t You Love Me

Why Don’t You Love Me isn’t one of my favorite Bey songs, but it definitely has some of my all-time favorite looks. Retro ‘Yonce is just so freaking sexy.  My favorite thing about his look is that we’ve all been here before. This is – I got sexy for bae, waited wayyyy too long, and of course, bae doesn’t come. The situation is painful and so is how phenomenal she looks while crying.  Getting the hair and lingerie down are important but if you can master this beautiful crying makeup you’ll be a hit at the Halloween party.


This look here is a classic. Survivor was such a moment for Destiny’s Child. I remember watching this video in middle school and being in awe of how badass they looked in these camo sets. No better way to show someone how much better your life is now that they’re gone than with a camo print bralette.

Tribal Lemonade

Lemonade was a life changer for so many women. Beyonce really tapped into the marketable honesty of black feminism, love, hurt, marriage, growth, and anger. The visuals in this movie were so layered and meaningful how could they not have made the list.  Beyonce does barefaced beauty like none other so the base makeup for this look is simple.  These textured bubble ponies though are honestly the tits. They’re a look for Halloween and beyond.

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Feeling Myself

Do you remember how you felt the first time you saw the Feeling Myself video? How many times did you swing your hair and stick your tongue out?  Be the Bey living her best boujhetto life in this Bulls one-piece and plush faux fur jacket. Don’t forget that the magic of this look is the intense amount of accessories- big earrings, arm party, and gold temp thigh tattoo are a MUST!


Per usual mama blessed us with something so heavenly and we were not worthy at ALL. This golden goddess look drips royalty from head to toe. In true Queen form, mama does the absolute most in such a regal way we were all left mouth ajar waiting for her command. Even the more subtle pieces of the look like the makeup are done with such precision that we could all only hope to look as good.


A bad bitch gotta do what a bad bitch gotta do. Mama didn’t come to play with any of you hoes during Beychella and if that’s the kind of BDE you’re wanting to sever up for Halloween this is the look for you. Can’t afford these custom fringe boots? Try this budget-friendly dupe.


HELLO headdress!!! The simplicity of this look takes new height with the elaborate headpiece.


This look is the simplest but probably made the most impact. I saw this look alot after the video released especially during early fall.  To be honest, most of you probably have these pieces sitting in your closet right now. If you’re gonna do this look just make sure you do it right with the shorty shorts.


Ok ladies! This is the spookiest of our looks with its Voodoo Magic Man vibes. Everything about this look is bold from the accessories to the lipstick. Murder this layered neck party with some low cost, high drama necklaces.

If you decide to go with one of our Beyonce’s this Halloween make sure you tag us in your Instagram photos so that we can see. Also, share this post with your girls and maybe y’all can be one big group full of bad Beyonce’s.

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