Valentine’s Day Gifts Your Gal Really Wants

You already know what we’re about to type. In a smattering of days, we’ll be plastered with enough images of love to make your stomach turn circles like the ending performance of Grease. The hype around VDay is stupid and it’s easy to get caught up in what you ‘should’ buy for Valentine’s Day. Instead, dive into these creative gift-giving ideas that will hit the nail on the head.


I. Reading Material

If your lady is a lover of reading then make her day by getting her a year’s supply worth of material to sink her teeth into. You can sign her up for a year’s worth of Audible or a subscription to her favorite print or online magazine.

II. Glo’ Up Supplies

For the gal who loves to slay (whether for IG or in real life), a quality addition to her makeup arsenal would go along away. This might require a bit of research but she’s worth it, right? Find her favorite guru or stalk her Twitter to see what’s out there, and buy it for her.

III. Gift Card to the Home Goods Family

You’d be hard-pressed to throw a rock and not hit a woman who doesn’t love Home Goods. The lights, the frames, the DIY ingredients available immediately – you can’t go wrong with Home Goods, Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

IV. A Staycation

For moms and wives especially, a staycation can be just what the doctor ordered. The stress of being a new mom or wife can be overwhelming, to say the least. A relaxing night away from responsibility, whether it be at your own home or a comfy hotel room, is appreciated more than one realizes. If you don’t have the cash to put her up in a room, just spot clean the house and make sure her only priority is herself. This can be as simple or as extravagant as you want, which makes it a great gift for anyone!

V. A New Experience

Who doesn’t like to try something new? Step out of your comfort zone (literally) and do something on Valentine’s Day that you’ve only talked about. Intimate relationships are built on vulnerability and taking on a new adventure together can improve your bond. Don’t be afraid to shake it up and you might learn something new about your gal.

VI. Something Personal

Are you creative? An artist, musician, poet? Use that and create a unique gift for your gal. There’s nothing better than giving something beautiful from the heart. A poem about your relationship, a painting that reminds you of her, or a musical composition that describes the way you feel about her; a personal symbol is always better than a materialistic gift. If it worked for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, it’ll work for you too.

No matter what you end up giving your favorite gal, here are a few things to NOT get her:

  • Sex: It’s not a ‘gift’ unless you’re treating her to an entire night of laziness and seduction. Putting on lingerie to prance around while doing all the work is not an ideal Valentine’s Day for anyone.
  • Victoria’s Secret: It’s cliche and you can do better. Just, don’t do it unless she actually wants something from there.
  • Edible Arrangements: Does anyone ever eat these?
  • Domestic Appliances: JUST DON’T. Unless it’s a Margarita-maker.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

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