Weekly Favorites v.2

1 The Handmades Tale

This show has really been way more than I expected. I’m usually into shows staring boss baes who are pretty much telling me to suck their balls daily and this is the total opposite is that. I thought it was gonna be a struggle show about women before rights and amendments to the law but my God was I wrong. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I had completely judged a book by its cover. This show is captivating beyond anything I could’ve imagined. The real fear that comes with the thought of this type of change to the government and society truly gets me in my feelings while watching. I’m so invested even though most episodes leave me with the eeriest, dirty feelings of helplessness. I have chosen not to look at how many episodes are in season 2 but I’m fearful that the end is near.

2. Nyx butter gloss

Beauty boos y’all know how important finding the perfect lipgloss is. It can be such a struggle to find the perfect combination of consistency, moisture, shine, color and longevity. This shit here though, this I’m 100% sure is what Cardi B means when she’s saying poppington. It took a little time for me to fine the color that I could wear as nude, but when I did it was a PERFECT match (praline). I love the high shine it delivers with even just one application and how soft it keeps my lips. This is definitely now a forever favorite.

3. The 48 Laws of Power

I’m only a few chapters in, but WOW! The research that went into putting this book together is impeccable. As a reader I appreciate all of the effort that went into finding example to support each law and examples of what happens if you choose not to follow them. The way the book is set up is also one of its many highlights. You can easily check back and reference any laws that may help you in a specific situation at your leisure

4. Drake’s I’m upset music video

Everyone has been talking about how great Drake doing a Degrassi reunion would be. It was that thing we knew we wanted but didn’t quite realize how much we needed it. Seeing it, however, was amazing!!! My heart was so fully of nostalgia I just watched it over and over again. I loved seeing the cast and how they all pretty much look exactly the same. I even found myself down a rabbit hole of throw back pics and episode plots. Drizzy really looked out for us with this one. Guess he kinda had to since he’s not replying to Pusha, but I digress.

5. New Music overload

Listen music industry I only have two ears, and though most days I’d prefer to just stay at home I do have to go to work. We have been blessed with so much new music over the past few months I can hardly keep up. From Kanye, to Cudi, to The Carters, and FREAKING NAS. Like get your girl and inhaler. The windows have been down and my rides everywhere have been blessed. There’s still a few albums I haven’t even gotten a chance to listen to yet, but just thinking about them has me so excited.

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